Annual Sight & Hearing Committee

Annual 4-A3 Sight and Hearing Committee - Short link
  • ByLaws (4-A3): Sight and Hearing Committee: This committee shall plan and publicize such activities appropriate to its title as the District Governor may authorize. Such activities shall include both those designated for the raising of money and the expenditure thereof. It shall supply Lions Clubs’ White Cane Chairmen with information,ideas and suggestions with respect to and concerning the annual White Cane Days. The committee shall also gather statistical information as directed by the District Governor and report directly to the District Governor and his Cabinet.
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Note:   Mandatory Helper Volunteers at bottom of page
THIS IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS was 2015 .. Just starting Revision 7/28/18
Everett Batey (Lion Stella), Co-Chairperson,
  2970 LUFF CT, Oxnard, CA 93035,   +1-805-616-2471
  Committees: Roster, Sight & Hearing, Disaster, Technology 
     Oxnard Channel Islands Lions
Sight & Hearing Avenol Sandy Greenburg
Sight & Hearing Avenol Joellen Flannigan
Vison Screening Chair Tony Manuel
Vison Screening Sarah Cheever
District 4-A3 Board and External Sponsor Advisors
 PDG Tony Manuel
 Santa Maria Lions
 PDG Margaret (PCC Bill) Dunlevy
 Ventura Downtown Lions
 DG Kenneth Reed, 4-L5   Email not on our snh11 list  
District 4-A3 - 2011-16 - Admitted and Original Appointed Volunteers
Region L Chair
Zone 1 Chair
Zone 2 Chair
Region I Chair
Zone 3 Chair
Zone 4 Chair
Region O Chair
Zone 5 Chair
Zone 6 Chair
Region N Chair
Zone 7 Chair
Zone 8 Chair
  Lion Chase Gregory  
  Goleta Lions Club
  Lion Chuck Stoll (2011-13, new, WELCOME)
  Cayucos Lions,   No Calif/Nevada Sight Foundation

  Lion John Knittle (Paula) 
  Pleasant Valley Lions 
  Lion Barbara Penney - 
  Simi Valley-Moorpark Lions
  Lion Toby Scott (Ilona) - Web#1 Master,
    WLEF Representative,
  Oxnard Noontimer Lions (Need WLEF Info, web site down)
  Lion Dave (Ruth) Wheeler, Pres.
  Simi Valley-Moorpark Lions

  There's a place for you here
2011-12 - MANDATORY Assigned / Term Appointed Region & Zone Volunteers
  PCC George (Lynn) Stewart
  Arroyo Grande Lions 
  Jose Nichols (Lion Juanita)
  Santa Maria Sunrisers Lions 
  Randy Burg 
  Ojai Valley Lions
  Angela Robinson-Platz
  Paso Robles Lions Club
  Mark (Barbara) Westfall
  Nipomo Lions Club
  Victor DeBayona
  Santa Maria Sunrisers Lions
  Doug (Lion Tami) Winbury
  Ojai Valley Lions
  Kevin (Lion Dee) Macey
  Oxnard Channel Islands Lions
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