Welcome to Sigh Massage! We invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment. We offer Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue techniques and will customize your massage to fit you. Whether you are looking for help managing pain, healing from injury, relieving stress, or simply just want a relaxing massage - Sigh Massage can assist you in reaching your goals!

Gift Certificates Available!!


30 minute massage    $30
60 minute massage    $55 
90 minute massage    $80
120 minute massage   $110

If you need a different time increment, massage is $1.00 per minute...



~ Pre-Pay 5 hours - $250 (save $25)

~ Pre-Pay 10 hours -$500 (save $50)

Hot towels are available during the cool months to enhance your massage!
(make sure you ask for them when you make your appointment!)