Welcome to Sigh Massage! We invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment. We offer Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue techniques and will customize your massage to fit you. Whether you are looking for help managing pain, healing from injury, relieving stress, or simply just want a relaxing massage - Sigh Massage can assist you in reaching your goals!


Appointments are limited at this time due to high demand. I am trying to fit new appointments in, but you could expect 1-3 months wait time. If you call, I can check my availability and at the very least, you will be added to my cancellation list! Thank you for your patience!

Due to high appointment demand, no gift certificates are available at this time.


30 minute massage    $35
60 minute massage    $60 
90 minute massage    $90

If you need a different time increment, massage is $1.00 per minute...


NOTICE: Due to COVID-19:

To ensure the safety of the staff and patrons, please be prepared prior to your appointment:

-Please wait in your vehicle until someone comes to get you OR you see the prior appointment leave.

- Please have your face mask or face covering on prior to entering building as required by the Oregon State Governor effective July 1st, 2020. 

-There is hand sanitizer throughout the establishment, feel free to use!

-We are practicing Contact Tracing...prior to your appointment you will be asked several questions; if you have had a fever or any flu-like symptoms, PLEASE do not show up for your appointment. If you have to cancel because of this, please call prior to your appointment (preferably 24 hours in advance) to cancel.

- There is a public restroom on site, however, we are trying to limit customer use to ensure we can keep it sanitized after each use.

-To ensure proper sanitization, no hot stones or hot towels are available at this time.

-Thank you for your understanding! We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our patrons and ourselves! We hope we can make it through this next wave without being shut down again!!! Stay safe!!