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Curriculum Vitae

Rather than put my whole CV up, here's a general overview:


MSc. 3D Computer Aided Graphical Technology Applications. Sept 1992 - Sept 1993: Major areas of study: 3D Graphical Mathematics, Computer Programming (C & C++), 3D Computer Animation, 3D Graphical Representation, Design/Visual Presentation, System Design/Hardware.

MA. Industrial Design for Engineers. Sept 1990 - Dec 1991: Major areas of study: Computer Aided Design, Design History, Visual Aesthetics and Communication, Production Methods, Human Factors (ergonomics), Marketing.

BSc (Hons). Quantity Surveying. Sept 1985 - July 1989: Major areas of study: Business/Management Studies, Law (Contract, Tort and Land), Mathematics and Statistics, Construction Technology, Measurement, Documentation and Cost studies.

Vocational training courses of note: Microsoft’s 2310B Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web App’s using VS .NET, 2524C Developing XML WebServices using MS VS .NET, CSS: a complete web style toolkit, Managing Microsoft Server 2003.

Work Profile:

For 10 of the last 14 years I have been directly involved in software application development; primarily in the area of real-time 3D graphics & simulation whilst working for the Virtual Reality Centre at Teesside Ltd (a business unit of Teesside University). In point of fact I was the first developer which the VR Centre employed, starting out in more of a 3D modelling role & progressing  into a programming role as the VR Centre expanded over the 12 years of its existence. I did have 2 years working outside of the VR Centre when I worked in Technical Sales for Prosolvia Ltd, a Swedish owned VR Software company. However, I returned to the VR Centre after these 2 years away as I wanted to return to a development position, with its more involving projects.  

Notable projects I've had a hand in whilst at the VR Centre have included a Sub-Sea Cable Laying Plough Simulator & a Sub-Sea Remotely Operated Vehicle Simulator, which were produced for CTC Ltd with contract values in excess of £1m. I have also worked on many city planning & regeneration visualisation projects, and my final project was a passive stereoscopic (thats the same as the 3D cinema experience which we're all familiar with now) visualisation of voxel medical (MRI & CAT scan) data to aid brain surgeons in their pre-operative planning.

I was a project team leader in many of the projects which I undertook at the Virtual Reality Centre, as well as also undertaking some projects as the sole developer.  So I'm used to working under my own initiative or as part of a team (you have to work this into any CV don't you!), utilizing project management skills which I've acquired academically as well as by experience. As a project leader I have worked closely with clients & developers and feel that I've acquired good interpersonal & communication skills, which allows me to exchange information & ideas with both technical & non-technical people.

Aside from (or rather alongside) gaining programming skills, I have also had to gain experience of various software tools in order to aid the final completion of projects, namely various 3D modelling and 2D graphics software tools (Photoshop, Mutligen, 3DSMax, etc).

In the last 4 years I have been involved in more of a support role within Teesside University’s School of Computing.  This support role has involved me being the primary Programmer within the School’s PC Team, writing everthing from simple admin scripts, to windows based applications, to client / server network applications.  My role within the PC Team also gave me responsibilities within the School’s special equipment lab. This entailed helping students to use real-time motion capture camera equipment & software (used to produce 3D computer animations), undertake 3D laser scanning of real-world objects, as well as produce 3D printed objects from digital 3D / CAD files.

From the above you can see that most of my development career has involved me using C and C++ 3D graphics API’s. Although, as mentioned above, in recent years I have been using C# and Java in order to produce more traditional / business applications.

So all in all a mixed bag of experience, but at the end of the day I really enjoy learning new skills, solving puzzles / problems in a logical way and, hopefully, coming up with practical & creative solutions - so programming, which satisfies all of these criteria, has been a pretty good career avenue.

Below are some video clips of projects which I've worked on, in order to give a clearer idea of the stuff I mention above. These video clips are video captures of real-time 3D applications, ie. like video captures of someone playing a video game.

Test video capture of Plough Simulator

The above is a test capture of the Sub-Sea cable laying Plough simulator I worked on. I was responsible for linking the plough 3d model to the real plough operational hardware (ie. the plough dynamics of moving cameras, legs, plough position, etc) & integrating the plough physics engine (programmed by another party) with my plough dynamics model.

Another test capture of the plough

Here's another test capture of the plough, showing its interaction with the terrain as its being pulled by the support vessel.

Plough Deployment / Launch

Above, is another test capture, this time showing the plough being deployed from the back of the support vessel / ship.  You can see a little problem we had with the deployment cable frame's position flickering.

Plough Sim in use, from an old pro-mo video

Here's a clip of the plough simulator in use, taken from an old pro-mo video.

Town Centre Model fly-over

Here's a high-level fly-over of a 3D model which I did of Middelsbrough Town Centre.  This is the first thing I produced at the VR Centre, both modelling of the town centre & the visualisation code which is doing the fly-over.
I'll have to see if there's a lower level walk-through video somewhere as that'll give a better impression of the model.

Town Planning walk-throughs montarge

Low level walk-through montage.

An emergency response trainer clip

Short clip of an Emergency response trainer I was involved in. Produced using Vega - a military simulation SDK.

Locomotion visitor attraction

Finally, a visitor attraction we created to celebrate the anniversary of George Stevenson's first steam train 'the Locomotion'.  The demo was created to loop continually and was done in 3D - exactly as you see in the cinemas today, but this was done, what?, 10 years ago or so!  I was responsible for coding the movement of Locomotion, ie. getting the pistons to move in relation to the wheels turning (which meant structuring the heirarchy of the 3D model in order to get the parts to move correctly in my code), as well as getting the engine and carriages to move along a specified path (ie. follow the railway line).  I also coded the 3D functionality of the visitor attraction viewer.

Well that should give you a flavour of the type of work I've done in the past.