SIG!!! A Psychoanalyst's Rock Band

was created in 2005 by Lew Aron to provide 

opportunity to the members of NYU Postdoctoral 

Program in Psychoanalysis to form a band, and develop their 


skills. The band has evolved 

to include psychotherapists in other disciplines 

while keeping their core identity 

as a "shrink" band. 

SIG!!! currently dominates the psychoanalytic 

circuit with annual invitations to 

number of institute and other professional functions, 

particularly as a dance band getting 

psychoanalysts to get out and shake 

their cakes, which is no easy task. 

In addition to Lew on guitar, we have Andrew Tatarsky on guitar, John Shaw on guitar and vocals, Tori 

Mierlak lead and backup vocals, Frank Bosco on Bass, Steve Knoblauch on sax and percussion, and Steve 

Solow on drums.

For more information and bookings please contact:  John Shaw, Ph.D.    email: