Get a Free Solar Evaluation with Sungevity and the Sierra Club

Dear Sierrans,

We have some exciting news for our friends in Connecticut! Sierra Club solar partner, Sungevity, has just opened up the solar lease option in Connecticut so you can join the Rooftop Revolution like hundreds of other Sierra Club members.

Click here to find out how to switch to clean, renewable energy and save money on your electric bills. (

Going solar with the Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club and our solar partner, Sungevity, is a win, win, win!

A Win for You 

Guarantee your family lower electric bills, free yourself from dirty energy, and do it all with no upfront investment. Most homeowners start saving on their power bills immediately. And if you go solar this spring, you’ll get a $750 gift card.

A Win for the Planet

Powering your home with solar energy is the single best way to shrink your carbon footprint - the equivalent of taking 1.5 cars off the road.

A Win for the Sierra Club in Connecticut

Sungevity will give $750 to the Connecticut Sierra Club for everyone who goes solar through this program. This means more money for Sierra Club’s important environmental campaigns in Connecticut.

How It Works

1. Enter your address and energy use to get a free solar evaluation for your home.

2. Your free Sungevity quote will detail your solar options, show you what your home would

look like, and how much you would save on energy costs.

Join us and repower your home and America’s future - go solar today!


John Blake

Connecticut Sierra Club Chair

P.S. Don’t wait! Learn how you can join the Rooftop Revolution in Connecticut when you go solar with the Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club.