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Fracked Gas Pipeline Educational Forum
at the Harry Bennett Branch Library, 115 Vine Road, Stamford
Monday, April 27, 2015, 6:30 p.m.
Presented by CT Sierra Club, Food & Water Watch and

Coventry Town Annex, 1712 Main Street, Coventry
Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 6:30 p.m.
Hosted by League of Women Voters of Northeastern Connecticut, Eastern Connecticut Green Action, Save Open Space-Coventry Advocates, Connecticut Chapter Sierra Club, Food & Water Watch and
This event is free and open to the public.

There are numerous pipeline expansion plans currently undergoing approval at the federal and state level, yet many Connecticut residents are unaware of the costs associated with these projects. 
Please attend our forum if you want answers to the following questions:
1. How will pipeline expansions affect my town & neighborhood?
2. How will the cost of these new projects affect my energy bill?
3. Is methane, or fracked, natural gas, really a bridge fuel?
4. What are the health and safety impacts for local residents?
5. What is the effect on the environment of piping fracked gas under rivers, through wetlands, and across sensitive ecosystems?
6. How does leaked methane impact climate change?
7. More gas = more fracking = more toxic, radioactive fracking waste. What does this mean for CT?

There is significant concern about the effects of these construction projects on the economy, environment, health and safety of the citizens of Connecticut, and development of low carbon, renewable energy alternatives.

This event is free and open to the public.
Please join us for a tour/seminar of this beautiful, affordable energy champion home on Saturday, May 2 in Killingly, Connecticut

To order tickets please send $15 for a tour/seminar ticket to the NET ZERO ENERGY CHALLENGE HOUSE,c/o Donna Grant, 128 Melrose Rd., Broadbrook,CT 06016 OR go online to and click on EVENTS.

PLEASE INDICATE WHETHER YOU PREFER A 12 NOON TOUR OR A 2:30 PM TOUR. For ticket information  email  For tour information  call  860 693-4813.

This 2600 ft.² ideal retirement home has a HERS zero rating and utilizes 12 inch-thick walls; ICF foundation; R70 ceiling insulation;R20 sub slab insulation; high-efficiency heat pumps for water, heating and cooling; triple glazed windows; constant fresh air ventilation; photovoltaic panels (8.5 kw); French drains (no gutters necessary; no ice buildup); LED or CFL lighting;

Electric cars will be on display and experts will be available to answer questions . In addition,  there will be information available  on an ethanol fireplace ; combination solar hot water radiant floor heating ( winter)  and solar heated pool  heating (summer) ; surplus energy for electric cars;  and fascinating literature .



What should climate activists do in 2015 now that the PCM is a happy memory?

Michael Brune
Executive director of the Sierra Club

1. Target 100 percent clean energy. The best defense is a good offense. The costs of wind and solar are a fraction of what they were just a few years ago. Clean energy — plus savings from energy efficiency — is now cheaper than gas, coal, and nukes in many parts of the country and the world. Why keep fracking, mining, and burning dirty fuels when investing in clean energy creates more jobs; cuts air, water, and carbon pollution; and saves people money? As we organize, we need to set our sights on 100 percent clean energy cities, 100 percent clean energy campuses, 100 percent clean energy corporations, dive bars, NBA teams, and more. State-by-state, the president’s Clean Power Plan gives us an opportunity to begin building a 100 percent clean energy economy that works for everyone.

2. To change everything, we need everyone. Climate activists joined forces with economic-justice organizations, unions, housing advocates, and so many others for the People’s Climate March — the largest climate demonstration in U.S. history. Our movement is finally making long-overdue progress on becoming more diverse and building meaningful relationships with the communities on the front lines of climate change. We can’t succeed unless our solutions work for everyone, not just a privileged few. Access to clean energy and a safe, healthy environment is a fundamental human right and essential to a free and democratic society.

3. Will the empire strike back, or strike out? The coal, oil, and gas industries are fighting so hard for a reason. The coal industry knows it’s losing its chokehold on the power sector, and oil and gas executives see growing resistance to fracking, tar sands, and oil trains. They’ve spent millions to buy a friendly Congress. Will they prevail? Will Republicans — and some Democrats — be allowed to roll back protections for air, water, and our climate? Sometimes you have to hunker down and play defense: We cannot afford to give up the ground we’ve gained in stopping polluters over the past five decades.

Breaking news: We are breathing a sigh of relief. Vermont Yankee nuclear plant has been a dangerous neighbor for too long.
Thanks to decades of citizen organizing and protest plus the wise backing of the elected officials of the state of Vermont, the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor has been shut down permanently. The Vermont governor, Peter Schmlin, said: "Thanks to investments in renewable energy such as solar, Vermont energy future is on a different and more sustainable path that is creating jobs, reducing energy costs for Vermonters and slowing climate change." The lights will not go out. The closing will not affect regional grid stability.
This important information comes from  BEYOND NUCLEAR.  To see how scary Vermont Yankee  was  go to  and  briefly watch   SHUT VERMONT YANKEE  and/or  THE ACTIVISTS.


Shale Gas Boom Is Coming to Connecticut by Martha Klein

As a result of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, oil and gas have become cheaper to extract, and the drop in domestic market price is forcing profit driven energy companies to seek alternate markets. The gas companies want to build new pipeline, increase the size of older pipeline, and bring more gas into our state, ostensibly for domestic use but also to link pipeline to liquid natural gas stations which convert gas to liquid fuel for storage and shipping. Right now, the gas, or more accurately, the methane, that is imported via pipelines into Connecticut is about half fracked, but in the future, that amount will be close to 100%. Energy companies claim this pipeline infrastructure increase is needed, because in winter the demand for gas increases in New England, which results in price volatility. Opponents point out numerous flaws in that claim, however. The overall energy use in our state has decreased slightly. People are responding to the crisis caused by climate disruption that they see all around them, and are using less energy as a result. A number of recent studies demonstrate that by continuing this trend of using less power, no more fossil fuels need to be added to the electrical energy mix. (more info to come!) (click on either jpeg for a closer look!)


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1) CLEAN ENERGY MOVES US BEYOND COAL AND OTHER DIRTY ENERGY SOURCES: Going solar supports the mission and work of the Sierra Club.

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6) DIRTY ENERGY IS COSTING US ALL: Coal is making our kids and adults sick by polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink. Big Coal profits at the expense of people.

7) CLEAN ENERGY IS CREATING JOBS AND POWERING THE ECONOMY: Wind and solar already provide more jobs than the coal mining industry. Generating power with solar creates seven times more jobs than doing so with coal. __________________________________________________________________

Coal 101: A simple way to visualize the problems with coal, the outdated way to make power. A clean energy future is available now; why don't we move beyond coal? (click on image)

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