Gas/oil pipeline "incidences" since 1986
Ever heard of a toxic wind spill? Or a solar panel explosion? Neither have I. Here's another reason to reject fracked methane gas pipelines being pushed on us!

Check out this video of U.S. pipeline accidents since 1986. Looks like central Nevada or northern Maine are the safest places to be!
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Have y
ou ever considered going solar? If so, now is the time because it’s cheaper and easier than ever. Here’s the proof: A new study just found that in 42 out of 50 of the largest U.S. cities, a typically-sized, $0-down home solar system costs less than the energy purchased from a residential customer’s local utility.*

Join more than 1,100 Sierra Club supporters in making the switch to clean energy.

With flexible financing through different Sungevity Energy Plans, you can get an efficient solar system without emptying your pockets. Plus you’ll lock in your electricity rate for years to come!

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! Now is the time to go solar.

Join the clean-energy movement today!

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The Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club Grassroots Legislative Network
The 2015 state legislative session began in January. We are forming a grassroots legislative network to advance state legislation. If you are interested in attending public hearings, taking action on bills, or calling and writing your legislators, please contact Laurie Julian here.
Connecticut Sierra Club Takes on Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)  Click here for details  See also:   Link to online version of CONCERNS WITH GMOs - WHAT IS THE SCIENCE?
Who will stand up and say NO to the Keystone XL pipeline once and for all? T
ell President Obama to reject the XL pipeline for good....the good of us all!
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Tour: Saturday, October 3 in Sharon, CT
( This is certainly one of the most amazing homes in Connecticut ! )

This is the first house in the United States to use NATURE BUILT STRAW BALE PANELS which are tightly packed with organic straw encased in magnesium oxide board sheathing on the interior and exterior sides. An attractive timber frame home, this house has a solar south orientation, radiant heat, a split- faced soapstone masonry heater for both the second and third floors as well as radiant heat on the ground floor;Fujitsu mini split heat pumps, a heating recovery ventilator; 120 gallon solar domestic hot water tank, a 9 kW photovoltaic solar array and all LED and CFL lighting. Don't miss this exciting and amazing building and its wonderful owners!


UCONN does it again!! No, basketball season hasn't even started. I mean landing in the top 10 of greenest colleges in America!

Sierra Club Greenest Schools 2015

Photo courtesy of Peter Morenus/University of Connecticut

UConn has been in our top 10 repeatedly, thanks in large part to 300 undergraduate and 111 graduate classes that train students to be eco-­citizens. Seventy percent of Huskies graduate from a program that makes sure they learn about sustainability. Students can major in horticulture or marine sciences, minor in wildlife conservation or sustainable crop production, and go abroad to study natural resources in China, ecology in South Africa, or the “politics of energy and sustainable development” in Turkey. Above, members of UConn’s EcoHouse Learning Community hand out potted plants from the student-­run farm.

This is the kind of news we don't see often enough!!

Five years ago the Sierra Club launched Beyond Coal, a campaign to retire one-third of our nation's coal plants by 2020. Everyone scoffed. We were dreamers. Coal was here to stay. Boy did we prove them wrong.

With your help -- and the help of local organizers, lawyers, and partner organizations -- we retired one coal plant every 10 days for 5 straight years. 200 coal plants altogether are retired or slated to be retired, out of the original 523 we took aim at.

Yes, that means we've surpassed our 2020 goal. We're dreaming even bigger now: retire half of all coal plants by 2017. Thanks to you, we're well on our way.

You may not realize it, but your support of the Sierra Club means you've been a part of what Politico called "the most extensive, expensive and effective campaign in the Club's 123-year history, and maybe the history of the environmental movement." It's a campaign that's fought on the ground, in communities all across the country -- and in Congress, where we're fighting off attacks from a House and Senate that are increasingly in the pocket of Big Coal.

Thank you for making dreams come true. For your support, for standing with us, for believing in a clean energy future.

Onward! Michael Brune Sierra Club
P.S. We rely on generous individual donors like you to win big like this: Donate here to support Sierra Club’s grassroots lobbying work to move beyond coal.