Circle meetings

Circle Meetings: Each circle usually has a monthly meeting, lasting 1½ - 2 hours. Each circle meeting has a host Father/Daughter and the meeting usually takes place at the host family's house. Each family will receive a book from the YMCA which includes suggested programs for circle meetings. The following is a typical meeting -- each circle can determine what works best for them.

  • Navigator calls meeting to order. 
  • Navigator starts the meeting with a ritual. (See here for an example ritual)
  • Treasure Keeper collects circle dues, perhaps $1 for each daughter, dad dues may be optional.  These can be used for special projects, a party, a community project, etc. 
  • Each Princess stands up, says her circle name, and gives a “scouting” report for the month:
    • A good deed they have done, and/or 
    • An activity, project or event they have done with their father/family. 
  • Navigator announces upcoming expedition events, YMCA news, etc. 
  • Plans are reviewed for the next meeting.
  • Host introduces the night's craft, which is supplied by the Host.  Crafts include anything that can be completed in ~30 minutes, or which can be completed in a couple of circle meetings.  Examples include: 
    • Construction of decorations or projects for an expedition event 
    • Making bead or leather projects 
    • Planting seeds for a home garden 
    • Crafts related to upcoming holidays or seasons
    • Map reading 
  • Host provides and serves refreshments. 
  • Host or circle members tell a story, usually with a moral, and/or sing songs or perform skits. 
  • Navigator leads closing ritual.
  • Meeting is adjourned.

See the individual circle pages for additional information about the specific practices of the various circles.

Arturo Béjar,
Sep 4, 2012, 10:58 PM