Presently, the Sierra Expedition consists of the seven circles listed below. Circles vary in size from around 10-25 dads and daughters. We hold our meetings and expedition events roughly from September through early June.

    Chinook Circle 
    El Dorado Circle 
    Mystic Circle 
    Ponderosa Circle  
    Tahoe Circle 
    Tioga Circle 
    Zephyr Circle 

Circles have chosen a "repeat-after-me" song or sing-along song to lead at Expedition campfires. The girls learn the song chosen by their circle and lead the entire Expedition in performing the song. This activity helps build confidence in speaking and performing in front of others. 

The following are the current selections of each circle:
Chinook - Do Your Ears Hang Low
El Dorado - The Shark
Mystic - Bazooka Bubble Gum
Ponderosa - 
Tahoe - 
Tioga - There was a great Big Moose
Zephyr - Little Bunny Foo Foo