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Sangha Schedule

Schedule of upcoming talks, associated leaders and topics for the Sierra Insight Sangha's weekly meetings held Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM.
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DateTalk LeaderTopicMovementComment
DateTalk LeaderTopicMovementComment
November 13, 2013 Doug Kraft Jhana practice in the early suttas  Visiting teacher; dinner at 5:15 
November 20, 2013 Tony Bernhard The Hindrances  Visiting Teacher 
November 27, 2013  Holiday   
December 4, 2013 Mike? Definition of Satipatthana #4  Audiodharma by Joseph Goldstein 
December 11, 2013 Julie DeHart QiGong   
December 14, 2013 Aloka Vihara Nuns Talk - The Benefits of Quieting the Mind  At the Historic Federated Church, 1031 Thompson Way, Placerville CA, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM 
December 15, 2013 Aloka Vihara Nuns Daylong - Listening to Natural Law  At Camp Lotus, 5461 Bassi Road, Lotus CA, 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM. To register, please send email to meburgess.lotus@gmail.com 
December 18, 2013 Gale Practice Review: 5 Spiritual Faculties, 7 Enlightenment Factors, 4 Brahma Viharas   
December 25, 2013  Holiday   
January 1, 2014  Holiday   
January 8, 2014 Gale Practice Review: Four Bases of Mindfulness, Five Aggregates   
January 15, 2014 Gale et al Planning Sequence to June   
January 22, 2014 Tony Bernhard Secular Buddhism  Visiting Teacher Dinner at Golden Dragon before 
January 29, 2014 Mike Practice in Daily Life   
February 5, 2014 Gale Anapanasati First Tetrad (Breath and experiencing and calming the body)  Gil Fronsdal audiodharma 
February 12, 2014 Gale The Parami of Patience  Please bring anything in that characterizes patience: an object (like a Ukrainian Easter Egg), a photograph, a poem, a story, a memory, a short essay...whatever characterizes patience for you. I'll bring some dhamma readings, excerpts from suttas and stories from the Canon, and let's see what kind of soup we come up with. 
February 19, 2014 Sue Parami - Renunciation   
February 26, 2014 Mary Helen Anicca...Impermanence  Visiting Teacher 
March 5, 2014 Gale Anapanasati: Second Tetrad: (Breath and experiencing and calming feelings)   
March 9, 2014 Heather Sundberg Daylong Awakening in the Body  Sue's Home, Placerville 
March 12, 2014 Blair Parami of Wisdom   
March 19, 2014 Mike Mindfulness of Body in Daily Life   
March 26, 2014 Tony Bernhard Delusion  Visiting Teacher 
April 2, 2014 Gale Anapanasati: Third Tetrad (Breath and experiencing and releasing the mind)   
April 9, 2014 Eric Parami: Truthfulness   
April 16, 2014 Steve Parami - Generosity   
April 23, 2014 Gale Anapanasati: Fourth Tetrad (Breath and impermanence, dispassion, cessation and liberation)   
April 30, 2014 Jim Laughing Meditation   
May 7, 2014 Sue Mindfulnnes of the Body: Anatomical Parts, and Elements.   
May 14, 2014 Gale "The Cave": the many facets of renunciation   
May 21, 2014 Mike Parami of Equanimity  audiodharma and discussion on Myoshin Kelley  
May 28, 2014 Tony Bernhard ?5 Aggregates  Visiting Teacher 
June 4, 2014 Blair The Five Hindrances  Audiodharms (Gil Fronsdal) and discussion 
June 11, 2014 Sue, Mike, Gale Retreat Review   
June 18, 2014 Sue/Gale / Mike Solstice: Walking meditation at Sue's lawn, planning tea   
June 25, 2014 Doug Kraft Practice Review  Visiting Teacher: Picnic at 5:15 
July 2, 2014 Gale Planning for rest of year   
July 9, 2014 Gale 7 Factors of Enlightenment   
July 16, 2014 Blair and Greg The Seven Factors of Enlightenment/audiodharma by Gil Fronsdal   
July 23, 2014 Mike and Sue Postures: Standing, Walking, Reclining   
July 30, 2014 Blair Parami: Morality (sila) ART: 2 or 3 Chi Gong movements/postures  
August 6, 2014 Moira Ethics Activity: Model GAYLE: Qi Gong  
August 13, 2014 Moira Ethics Activity FRED: Stretch  
August 20, 2014 Alokha Vihara nuns: Ayya Santacitta TBD  Visiting teachers...tea before at 5:30. Bring allowables. 
August 27, 2014 Greg Parami: Determination GALE: Zen rubdown  
September 3, 2014 Sue Third Foundation of Mindfulness: Mindfulness of Mind GAYLE: Qi Gong  
September 10, 2014 Tony Distortions of Perception  Visiting Teacher. Picnic at 5:15 
September 17, 2014 Mike Parami: Energy   
September 24, 2014 Mike Practice Share   
October 1, 2014 Gale Retreat Report   
October 8, 2014 Eric The Hindrance of Doubt GAYLE: Yoga  
October 15, 2014 Greg Parami: Determination  Audio Dharma (Carol Wilson) and discussion 
October 22, 2014 Tony Emptiness  Visiting Teacher; Dinner at Thai at 5:15 
October 26, 2014 Heather Sundberg Mindfulness of Mind  Daylong at Mikes 
October 29, 2014 Gale Complete Retreat Report/ Suttas MN 23 and MN62   
November 5, 2014 Gale Parami: Metta   
November 12, 2014 Maeve The Hindrances   Visiting Teacher 
November 19, 2014 Mike Hindrances: Restlessness   
November 26, 2014  Thanksgiving Eve Holiday   
December 3, 2014 Ayya Anandabodhi Buddhist practice   
December 10, 2014 Sue Two truths/wave and particle/two kinds of clarity/dualism and unity: Based on a talk by Shinsen Young   
December 17, 2014 Tony Surprise! Dinner at Thai at 5:15  Visiting Teacher 
December 24, 2014  Christmas Eve Holday   
December 31, 2014  New Years Eve Holiday   
January 7, 2015 Sue Audio Dharma: Tara Brach on Metta   
January 14, 2015 Gale Two Year Tea; Overview and Planning for 2015. Sit, then tea and talk in the conference room. Tea dainties?   Conference Room? Remaining Hindrances: Sense Desire, Aversion, Sloth and Torpor  
January 21, 2015 Gayle The Connection - DVD and discussion   
January 28, 2015 Tony Right View: The 8-fold Path  Visiting Teacher: Dinner at Taste of Thai at 5:15 
February 4, 2015 Steve The self from "Untethered Soul"   
February 11, 2015 Gale Cosmological challenges in the suttas   
February 18, 2015 Sue "Dealing with Unwholesome Thoughts" from Analayo's new book   
February 25, 2015 Gale or volunteer Round Table on the Eight Worldly Dharmas AN 8.6  (Pleasure/Pain, Gain/Loss, Fame/Disrepute, Praise/Blame) 
March 4, 2015 Mike/Sue Exploring Dukkha from book "Dancinc with Life"; 1st three insights: Dukkha  Please have the first section of the book read before the talk. 
March 11, 2015 Tony History of the changing shape of Buddhism: From the Elders to Mahayana to Vajrayana   Visiting Teacher 
March 18, 2015 Sue/Mike Exploring Dukkha from book "Dancinc with Life"; 2nd three insights: Causes of Dukkha    
March 25, 2015 Mike/Sue Exploring Dukkha from book "Dancinc with Life"; 3rd three insights: Cessation of Dukkha    
April 1, 2015 Gale Wise Morality (Speech, Action, Livelihood) or "Just Do It!" vs. "Free Won't"   
April 8, 2015 Mike No Talk: Sit/walk/sit  ?Sue's lawn? 
April 15, 2015 ?Gale or anyone else in group ?Audiodharma: The Four Brahma Viharas  Given at IMC by Lori Wong on February1, 2015  
April 22, 2015 Sue Satipatthana retreat report   
April 29, 2015 Doug Kraft TBD  Visiting Teacher 
May 6, 2015 Sue Guided meditation on the body from Analayo   
May 13, 2015 Gale or Volunteer Round Table on the three characteristics: dukkha, anicca, anatta   
May 20, 2015 Greg The Second Noble Truth: We suffer because we cling. Tanha   
May 27, 2015 Tony TBD  Visiting Teacher 
June 3, 2015 Greg Samadhi: Audio Dharma "Walking the Samadhi Trail"" by Phillip Moffit   
June 10, 2015 Fred Reflections from the Camino   
June 17, 2015 Doug Kraft TBD  Visiting Teacher 
June 24, 2015 Julie Heryet Qigong  Solstice on Sue's lawn 
July 1, 2015 Gale Planning for rest of year   
July 8, 2015     
July 15, 2015 Eric TBA   
July 22, 2015 Tony TBD  Visiting Teacher 
July 29, 2015     
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