Inner City Outings

Sierra Club Inner City Outings

It’s exciting to think that our local ICO program worked well for 10 years,. We feel fortunate to work with the original agencies, Clancy St. MinistriesSteepletown, and the Urban Youth Organization. And with our loyal volunteers FrankPaulaJohnAnn and Rod.

But due to the loss of some volunteers, the West Michigan ICO is being reorganized.  If you are interested in joining or donating to West Michigan ICO, please contact Craig Ressler at or 616-891-9055.

Here is some background:

Inner City Outings is the Sierra Club’s community outreach program. Through the ICO program, Sierra Club members provide outdoor experiences for non-members who might not otherwise have them.  Most of our participants are young people from urban communities.  Our success helps to increase the environmental awareness, interpersonal skills, and self esteem of the participants through active involvement with nature.

Through Inner City Outings, participants discover the beauty and challenges of the wild lands we treasure, acquire the skills necessary to enjoy them safely, and learn that human activity and the natural world are interrelated.

ICO leaders are volunteers.  We furnish most of what is needed for our outings:  skilled leadership, equipment, food and transportation.  Most outings are day trips with 8 to 12 participants and 2 or 3 leaders.  Certified Leaders and Assistant Leaders normally expect to spend 5-10 hours each month planning trips and conducting outings. Learn more here.

ICO Meetings

There are no meetings schedule at this time.  If you are interested in joining or donating to West Michigan ICO, please contact Craig Ressler at or616.891.9055.  Outings and meetings are integrated in our Home page.

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