Community Resources

Community Resources

The members of the West Michigan Group like to support local vendors, merchants and crafters, who provide localenvironmentally-responsiblesocially-responsiblesustainableFair Trade, "greenproducts and services.  To make this easier, our Webmaster has made this list of vendors he has used, uses, or been recommended to him.

The WMG does not endorse nor recommend these nor any other particular vendors.  Indeed, we have no process to do so.

Given that, If you know of any community resources you recommend be publicized on this page, please email us at

• People, or Human Capital. Treat your employees right. Treat your community right. A fair day's work for a fair day's pay, while plowing a portion of the gains back to the community.
• Planet, or Natural Capital. Treat the planet right. Use a "cradle to cradle" approach to all materials and processes, from raw materials, to the product, to its decommissioning, to its reuse in new products. This ethic highly discourages use of toxic materials or processes.
• Profit. To meet the other other ethics this ethic is about making an honest profit. As opposed to the "profit at any cost" ethic of other business models.

FOOD:  Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA)--buy a share!
• S+S Lamb
• Rakowski Family Farm
• Trillium Haven Farms, has farm stand and small family farm in Jenison.
• Others.

FOOD:  Farms
• Creekside Nursery, beautiful and unusual plants, organic supplies, tools, gifts.
• Dogwood Farms, Dancing Goat cheese and Udderly Wonderful soap.
• Ferris Coffee & Nut Company, coffee, nuts, party trays, gift sets.
• Sisters Natural Foods.

FOOD:  Farmers Markets
• Fulton Street Farmers Market in Grand Rapids. Increasingly popular, our Webmaster goes to this one.  Many seasonal products (lots of flowers and plants right now).  Sign says Tue-Wed-Thur-Fri-Sat May-Christmas, but seems to run near year-round.  Very good for lovers of flowers, fruit, vegetables, carbos and meat!
• Ada Village Farmers Market.  Also excellent selection and quality of flowers, fruit, vegetables, breads and meat. A different day from, and some of the same vendors as the Fulton Street Farmers Market!
• West Michigan Cooperative online farmers market.
• There are others.  Can you supply this text?

FOOD:  Markets
• Artisan Food virtual farmers market, order over web, food from local sustainable producers(some listed above) delivered to your home or business or central location!  Also gives educational programs about food security issues.
• Green Life Market, on East Fulton

• Beads Have History, African beaded jewelry.
• Clothing Matters, eco-friendly comfort apparel of bamboo, cotton, soy, silk, hemp.
• Hop Scotch Children's Store, children's toys, clothes, baby slings and cloth diapers.
• Veggie Hats, beeswax candles, hand-knit items from all-natural fibers, veggie hats.

• Generations Financial Services, socially-responsible investments and insurance.
• DesignIS LEED sustainable interior design.

• DL Technology, energy-efficient, full-spectrum lighting for home or office, consulting.
• Healthy Living Technology, air and water purification, energy-efficient lighting.
• ChooseRenewables energy conservation products, SWIFT small wind turbine electricity generator, carbon offsets.
• EPEAT       selecting new electronics based on environmental attributes.
• EnergyStar selecting new appliances and home improvements..
• Swift Wind Turbine clean electricity generation from our local Cascade Engineering!

• Concept: Recycling is the last "R"—RejectReduceReuse, and Recycle.
• GreenPhone, sell your used cell phone.
• Comprenew EnvironmentalReuse most electronics and small appliances: no landfill, nonprofit, employs 20-30 at-risk individuals, handled 2 million pounds last year(!).  To donate, click link, then "Event" (wipe harddrive before you donate).  To buy, click "e-Thrift Store".
• Underground Computers new and lease returns.  If they don't have what you want, check back in a day or two.

• Concept: Recycling is the last "R"—RejectReduceReuse, and Recycle.
• Kent County Recycling Center recycles paperplastics marked 1 through 7, glass,steel and aluminum. Get your material here by curbside recycling through your municipal or private trash haulers, or County residents may drop off materials themselves. For details, hours and locations, follow the link!.
• To have old athletic shoes ground up and Reused, click, select country and zip.
• There are other recycling vendors out there. Can you supply this text?

• Body & Soul Somatic Therapy, bodywork and massage therapy, gift certificates.
• Fitworks, healthy snack bars, nutrition and weight loss.
• Global Infusion, Fair Trade coffee, tea, chocolate, handmade gifts & clothing.
• Holistic Care Approach LLC, natural soaps, skin care, massage, acupuncture, NAET.
• Orchard Harvest, all-natural eco-friendly wax candles, contemporary design.
• Schuler’s Books & Music, environmentally-responsible books.
• Shaklee Products
• Sierra Club West Michigan Group (us!), Sierra Club calendars.
• Wild Birds Unlimitedbird feeders, seed, boxes, pond supplies, nature gifts.

• Our local calendar, on Facebook.
• North Country Trail NCT.
• Grand Rapids Hiking Group.
• WEMOG (Muskegon).
• GRNow.
• Kent Co Parks.
• More.

Sierra Club Michigan Chapter (donate!).  National (join!).  ICO.
• West Michigan Environmental Action Council WMEAC, and their events.
• Power Shift '09 Michigan repower reclaiming our future
• West Michigan Energy clean, sustainable energy for the Macatawa area.
• Progressive Women's Alliance, local progressive political activism
• Grand Rapids Water Festival

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