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We also post our events and outings on Facebook.  For our Outings, you will be asked to sign a Liability Waiver.  A week prior to any Outing, please call or email the contact person--Outings may be canceled if there is no interest.  Join our WMG outings email list—we do not provide your email to other organizations.

We are volunteers, part of the Sierra Club Michigan Chapter (donate!), who have their own calendar.  National (join!).  ICO.
Other local calendars:
  hike outings              
Grand Rapids Hiking & Adventure Group.  North Country Trail NCT.  WEMOG (Muskegon).  Kent Co Parks.
  bike outings              Rapid Wheelmen.  Bicycling Grand Rapids and Surrounding Areas.  Michigan bicycling and trail info.  Area maps.
  activism, parks, etc.  WMEAC.  The Rapidian.  GRNow.  More.

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Read the Sierra Club’s Energy Resources Policy at

We also maintain a list of local support local vendors, merchants and crafters providing local, environmentally-responsible, socially-responsible, sustainable, Fair Trade, "green" products and services.  Please see our Community Resources page.

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