History in Minecraft - Revolutionary War

A Day in the Life of an Colonial Soldier
The aim of History of Minecaft is to help illustrate and demonstrate some of the important ideas and ways of thinking that are essential to understanding history and historical events. In today's Minecraft session, we will explore what a typical day in the life of a foot soldier might have been like. After all, batting and warring was only a small part of a soldier's life. Most of a soldier's typical day was taken up tending to mundane, but essential, tasks like training, setting up and tending to camp, securing food and supplies, among others. Today, our focus is on setting up camp and crafting basic supplies.  
- Identify at least three geographical/logistical considerations for setting up camp 
- Identify and craft your soldier "backpack" (your Minecraft inventory) with essential supplies  


- Sample Journal Entries

Challenge 1: Minecraft Tutorial World
Do the Minecraft tutorial world to help you remember some of the Minecraft skills we learned last semester.


Challenge 2: A Day in the Life of a Colonial Soldier during the Revolutionary War: Reading Activity
- AA demos "Call the Ball" reading strategy for Ss.
- Ss will read a short journal passage about what it was like to live from day to day as a colonial soldier.
        Read Tuesday September 9, 1777
- Report out. 

Part 1: Survival Brainstorm: What did soldiers need to survive?
- Mr. Butler will help us think about where and how armies would tend to set up camp.
- What would be a good and defensible place to set up camp? What kind of geological or topographic characteristics would an a commander look for?
- Group: Identify categories of things an army would need to think about [Mentors and/or Dr. A will track ideas on the board]

Part 2: Set up Camp
- Find a Place to Camp & Mine Basic Survival Materials

- Gather basic materials
- You'll need to collect (mine) the following basic raw materials :
    - Wood
    - Coal
    - Iron
    - Stone

*** Mining is restricted to materials that would have been available to colonists. Our explorations for this course are intended to be historically authentic. Colonists would NOT be mining diamonds, gold, making golden armor and so on!
*** Be careful not to mine too close to your camp! 

Challenge 3: Design and Build An Authentic Army Camp

Part 1:Craft or build the following items for your Minecraft inventory

A. Tools:
- start by making a crafting table in Minecraft (you'll need it for other tools and supplies)
- use your mined supplies to build some basic tools
    - pick ax
    - stone / iron shovel

B. Shelter: Build an authentic small cabin. It should look like this:

Layout: Cabins and buildings in a war camp were aligned side by side along one main path or "street." Why?

Part 3: Build Camp Structures & Buildings / Layout: Camps were closed in and protected by a wall made of earth and logs called a redoubt. :
1. Build a redoubt
2. Supplies tent (cabin),
3. Latrine (where would it have to be?)
4. Headquarters, soldiers quarters, other items?

Part 4: Other Essentials

Water: you'll need water; find a source; how will you store it in Minecraft? How would soldiers store it?

Food: You'll need to hunt and forage; how will you store your food? Where and how would soldiers store food in camp?

Challenge 4: Advanced Tools and Supplies: What else can you make/craft?
- build a furnace to make other tools
- fire (how would you build a fire; make torches (for lighting); etc