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Around the Mountain

Learning Goals:
  • basic programming
  • math - relationship between degrees, circumference, and distance
Around the Mountain 
Remember from last week, we used tape to calculate degrees based on the number of rotations.  We use VIEW on the NXT to determine how many degrees to turn.  In case you forgot, here's how we calculated distance.
  • Go Straignt
    • Cut a piece of string that is the same length as the circumference of your wheel
    • Use string to determine how many rotations of your wheel are needed to go desired distance
    • Multiply 360 *number of string lengths
  • To Turn
    • Test this using VIEW on the NXT
    • if you don't know how to use VIEW, see video (scroll down to second video)
  • this is the blue box at the front or back of the classroom
  • make sure your bot stays close to the blue line without going inside the mountain
  • Program your robot to go around the mountain clockwise
  • Program your robot to go around the mountain counterclockwise
  • Go around the mountain and retrieve loops
  • Challenge 1:  one loop
  • Challenge 2:  two loops
  • Challenge 3:  3 or 4 loops
  • For the advanced, this activity will be timed.  
    • competition for fastest time to retrieve loops
  • Instructor will tape will be used to place loops 
Michele McColgan,
Sep 23, 2010, 12:21 PM