Session 2 Spring17

Morning Classes
  • Taken Charge Video Game
    • Play the video game TakenCharge to learn about each of the hardware components of a computer and how they work together.
  •  Amusement Park in Minecraft 
    • Working in teams you will create Minecraft amusement park rides.   By the end of the class, the amusement park rides will be connected together.
  • Team Building in Minecraft
    • Working together in teams, you’ll move to your own island with the resources available and build your own civilization and decide whether to trade with other teams.
  •  LearnToMod 
    • LearnToMod is a browser design environment that allows anyone to make their own mods in Minecraft.  Learn to make your own blocks, weapons, armor and more.  Students start making mods with Blockly, a drag-and-drop studio, to learn programming basics. 
  •  Landscape Painting (with Gouache)
    • This is a workshop that will introduce students to the rewarding experience of painting landscapes. While working from photographs, students will explore these topics: painting the sky, trees and shadows, the structure of the painting, foreshadowing, rocks and fun stuff, and putting it all together.  No prior experience necessary.