8th grade Spanish

 ¡Hola a los estudiantes de la clase de español!  ¡ Bienvenidos a mi sitio! Here you will find information on our class including:                               
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  • games
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Click for our Chapter Information:        Lecciones Preliminares
                                                                     Capítulo 1: ¿Cómo somos?
                                                                     Capítulo 2: La Familia y La Casa  
                                                                     Capítulo 3: En la Clase y Después 
                                                                     Click here for Capítulo 4!          
                                                                     Click here for Capítulo 5           
          egg swirlybeefburger and chips   animation                        Basketball rolling around the rim Animated Clipart                 Boy Bouncing Soccer Ball on Knees Animated Clipart  
                         Below are links for further information on the subjects listed.
El, La, Los, Las Artículos
Las contracciones      
          Sport - Speed Skater (Lg) photo AnimatedGIF-SpeedSkatingSmiley.gif            Practica: 
Below are links for games to practice what you are learning.  Practice makes perfect!

 Click here to practice "articles"!                                Click here for Numbers Hangman!

 Click here to practice telling time!                            Click here for the  La Familia Vocabulary Game                      
Click here to see weather phrases!                           Click here for an interactive time clock!                     

Spanish Verb Conjugator

  Verb Conjugation Alley            

yo....???                nosotros/as...???

ella ....???         ellos...???

  -AR Verb Conjugation                                     

-Er / -Ir Verb Conjugation

Ir, Dar, Estar Conjugations

"TENER" Conjugation

E ->  IE Conjugations

O -> UE Conjugations   

                                           For Fun:
 "Puedo ir al baño song"                      
                                                                                Random Word of the day:
(Palabra del Día)
Te huele!( tay-hway-lay):  You smell!


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