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Ser vs. Estar

"To be" or "to be", that is the question! Which "to be" do I use and when? There are a few simple rules to follow and then you will be well on your way to "being"!
Ser - To Be    
1. Use for a trait or a characteristic that does not change 
2.  Acronym   DOCTOR
3.  Location of an event or party                       
Yo soy de Volga.
Yo estoy alegre.
Tú eres mi hermana.
Tú  estás en mal humor hoy.
Ella es profesora.
Ella está  enferma.
Nosotros somos jovenes.
Ellos  están en la clase de

español ahora.

 Son las tres y media.


Estar - To Be
(State or condition that changes)
1.  Use for a state of being:  adjective
    (happy, mad, sad, content..)
2.  Use for a condition of being: health 
    (sick, tired...)
3.  Acronym PLACE 
**Exception:  location of an event or a party is ALWAYS SER !!  All other locations, temporary or permanent, is ESTAR!!
Sheana Siegel,
May 1, 2012, 7:37 AM