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Journey to Jesus Convention videos online...

Marliyn Marsh - Journey with Jesus (added 5/20/11)
Erich Greishaber - How to Study the Bible (added 4/30/11)
Tom Jones - (part 1) What Glenn Beck Doesn't Tell (added 4/24/11)
Tom Jones - (part 2) What Glenn Beck Doesn't Tell (added 4/26/11)
Todd Ellis - Knowing Christ (added 4/20/11)
David Henke - Patterns in he Cults (added 4/15/11)
Bob Gray's (Teaching on Thankfulness)
LaDetria's Testimony
Questions and Answers
Wilbur Lingle (Islam is here)
Barry Campbell (Sunday sermon)
Carl Mickens (Let's get aquainted)
MItch Pridgeon (Teaching on the Godhead)
Erich Grieshaber (False Prophets)
Tom Jones (Mormonism)
Wilbur Lingle (Witnessing to JW's)


Video Editing Projects for  Witnesses NOW For Jesus Conventions

WNFJ - 2008 Videos All the Sessions video taped during the 2008 Conference.
WNFJ - 2009 Videos All the Sessions video taped during the 2009 Conference.
WNFJ 2010 Video's  All the Sessions Video taped during the 2010 Conference
Witnesses Now For Jesus Pictures (2007 through 2010)
2010 Bob's
2010 Sylvan's
Some 2008 Youtube Playlists
 Darkness In The Watchtower - Tom McGovern
 What's Happening At the Watchtower Headquarters - Rick Fearon
 What to Do When You are Frustrated with a JW - Christy Darlington
 Testimoies of Past Members
 Points of Light - Karen Birmingham