Senior Researcher - DR2 Développement Durable. PhD in Geographic Information Sciences.

LASTIG, Université Gustave Eiffel, ENSG, IGN, GEOVIS Team leader.

73 avenue de Paris, F-94160 SAINT MANDÉ, +33 1 43 98 84 32 / sidonie.christophe (at)

Short Bio

My research work concerns the design and the use of (carto)graphic representations for geovisualization. I address knowledge, methods and tools to improve graphic representations (symbolization, stylization and rendering issues) for the visualization of geographic spaces and phenomena, and the spatio-temporal analysis of urban and environment dynamics, while considering the diversity of users (public, scientists, practitioners).

Designing flexible and interactive geovisualization systems enabling visuo-spatial thinking and decision-making requires to observe user practices, to model uses and needs, such as to propose interactive methods to navigate into the space of possible styles for geovisualization and visual analytics.

These purposes imply an interdisciplinary approach between GI sciences, geography, computer graphics, cognitive sciences, and human-computer interaction, about the understanding of geographic spaces and spatial data integration, representation and interaction.

Geographic Information Information Sciences & Systems, Geovizualisation, Map design, Visual rendering, Graphic Semiotics, Aesthetics, Knowledge, Cognition, Perception.







  • New PhD Student: Cécile Remy: Interactions between Access to Volontary Geographic Information & Access to Water Services (LATTS & IGN/COGIT) codir w/Sylvy Jaglin - Nov 2014
  • MapStyle project: New postdocs on the project: Antoine Masse (geovis of coastal area) & Bertrand Dumenieu (optimization of map quality) - Nov 2014
  • MapStyle project: looking for a postdoc: geovisualization of coastal area (graphic semiology, integration of heterogeneous data, temporal dynamics) - June 2014
  • Trainee: "Sémiologie graphique pour pour la représentation des dynamiques urbaines" w/ Cécile Rémy, M2 IG ENSG (co-advisor: Julien Perret) (March - Sept)
  • Trainee: "Sémiologie graphique et perception de modèles numériques 3D pour l'aménagement et l'urbanisme" w/ Florian Pelloie, M1 Géographie Paris 1 (co-advisor: Elodie Buard, Mickaël Brasebin) (March - June)
  • Conf:Cartocon 2014 Feb. 24-28, Olomouc, Czech Rep. Current issues about perception and cognition in map design processes (ICA Commission Cognitive Visualization)
  • MapStyle Project: Towards a Cassini style: methodology to automate Cassini renderings w/ Laurane Boulanger, M2 Carthagéo
  • Paper: "Current issues about perception and cognition in map design processes" accepted for Cartocon 2014