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Recycling at the Lakes

Whether you have a cabin or home at the lakes, you probably feel more connected to the environment since we admire it's beauty every day.  We all love spending time here.  Many residents have inquired about recycling and have wondered why we don't have a community program set up for this?  Well, the Lake Associations have been listening and have worked with vendors to put together a certified program for all of us.

One thought that guides us in the recycling program development is looking towards the future.  Children are our future.  A resident's child created the drawing at the right.  Don't get too hung up on the trees :), but do heed the message.

Our children and grandchildren want a brighter future and see it as a 'community' and 'family' activity.

The recycling committee was formed a few months ago develop a plan that would work for our community.  The committee is considering this our first big step.  Changes can follow, but this is what we have come up with and we feel really good about it. 

FirstStar and Sterrett Brothers are teaming up to provide this service.
  • Sterrett Brother's will provide the logistics and bins at no extra cost.  Their rate for trash and recycling is $18/month.
  • FirstStar will provide the certified recycling program, the business plan, and the credentials. This is a first rate operation that is ranked nationally.

Visit the FirstStar website to learn more.  << Click Here

This program will focus on recycling certain materials only.  It is very important not to contaminate the stream.  It is all part of the business plan.

Materials this program covers. << Click Here

Materials NOT covered << Click Here

For "heavy" recyclers, there is also the option of taking your larger quantities of approved materials (AND glass) to Wal-Mart at Cornerhusker and HW75.  This is new this year and is very convenient.  When you go shopping up there, you just take your recyclables with you!

If you like this program and it's low cost, but don't have Sterrett Brothers service, then make a call today.  (402) 291-9200

More details below.

When does the program start?
  Blue bins arrive in late May.
  Sterret Brothers and FirstStar will begin pick-up in June 1, 2012.

Who is FirstStar?  They are a market and incentives driven recycler that is graded on the quality of the recycling content they collect.  This keeps the system clean and gives them a higher ranking on a national scale.  The higher their ranking, the better price they can demand for their clean content.

How does it work?  Sterrett Brothers will pick up the recycled materials and deliver them direct to FirstStar.  FirstStar will certify that Sterrett Brothers is dropping off materials and will grade the quality of materials.

Benefits?  Your household trash can drop 50% or more.  Garbage trucks will make less trips on our roads while using less fuel.  Our kid's and Grand-kid's futures will be brighter and YOU will be setting the right example while leading the way!

This is super convenient for everyone!  Already recycle?  Share your positive experience with your neighbors.

What's YOUR excuse for not recycling??  Share it with your kids...

Do you have questions?  Contact the Recycle Committee Members anytime!


JAYNE O’CONNELL (HL#3) 402-616-2576 joconnell24@cox.net

BRAD HEATH (HL#2)  402-957-2803 brad.heath69@gmail.com

TONI LAGUZZA (BETTY LAKE) 402-551-9266 cherton1@cox.net

LARRY CHANDLER (CHRIS LAKE) larry@bellevuetireauto.omhcoxmail.com

MARK KAVULAK (HL#1) 402-214-1427(cell) 402-291-7556 (home)

Let's rally as a community and do something good, together!

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May 10, 2012, 10:35 AM