Youth Bowling Information from Sidney by the Sea

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May 9th
Readers may note that the title for this page has been changed. We believe that there is a trend towards adapting the term Youth Bowling to encompass both the U25 and Junior groups. With  several of our juniors on the cusp of a"aging out" we feel we should make the change now. 
Lots going on, four new juniors  on opening night and at least one more expected. Much prep underway for the provincials and nationals, look for BC to be right in there!

April 28th.
The out door season is upon us, as usual it was heralded by the clubs annual garage sale and recruitment day. We are hoping to see some new faces of different ages start this coming Tuesday as well as the return of last years crew.
Speaking of last years crew I would like to extend our thanks and congratulations on the great showing of juniors and their families in the preparation stage of the sale. Not everyone could be there both days but you did your part. The team of Mike, Logan, Owen and Sierra did yeoman service out on the green helping with introducing the game to our curious visitors. I don't usually single out any one individual, but Sierra's efforts at catching and directing juniors and adults alike to try the game and directing the adults to the sign up table was outstanding!

February 7, 2019
I can confirm that the Junior and U25 Nationals will held at Juan de Fuca in August. stay tuned to the Bowls Canada website for updates, registration and etc.
I would like to confirm the location of this years Provincials, but there appears to be some confusion if it will be at Oak Bay or at Nanaimo. When Bowls BC confirms, I will post it on here and follow up with an email to our Juniors. 

Jan, 2019 
A belated welcome to Owen Twamley who has transferred over from the Ladner Bowling Club.  Owen will be a welcome addition to our Junior Program. Last year he won silver in the Provincials and made the trek to the Nationals in Winnipeg.

Nov. 27

The annual craft and bake sale was held this past Saturday. Our Junior table made over $90. For set up and working most of Saturday, thanks go out to Owen, Logan, Michael and Jennica. Also Logan and Jennica's mothers. 
We have had 3 sets of bowls donated to the program, the size 6 we have up for sale. The other two sets will arrive from Arizona later in the year and we will decide if they go into inventory or be sold when they arrive.

On Saturday Sept 1 we held the junior "end of the season" tournament and a fun game followed by hot dogs, cake and ice cream.
It truly was a good day, total group of 26 made up of juniors, parents, siblings and coaches.
The triples team of Trevor, Max and Helena ( filling in for Jennica) emerged as the winners. The fun game of "In the river" was won jointly by the two teams skipped by Trevor and Michael.


We were privileged this weekend and specially today to see some of the finest bowling you could possibly witness.
From one who won't be 12 until the 2nd of August to the oldest who is just under 18, it was fantastic!. Some upsets, yes, some sadness, yes. But the skill, the game knowledge and the decorum on green was a huge testament to the game and the young players of today.
Ladies: Gold, Emma Boyd, Tsawwassen, Silver, Sierra Trueman, Sidney, Bronze, Lucie Ewan, Oak Bay
Men: Gold, Auzzie Chambers, Juan de Fuca, Silver, Jason Valchar, Nanaimo, Bronze, Owen Twamley, Ladner.
We will be adding one more trophy (sportsmanship and congeniality) that we will present in Sidney this year and hopefully in the future we hope it will be presented along with with Craig Wilson's on the  podium under 15 recognitions..


From Governance of the Sidney Lawn Bowling pages.

SLBC Policy – Junior program


14.0    JUNIOR PROGRAM (A.L. - 1/2016)


14.1     The Club recognizes the value to the sport of lawn bowling achieved by developing junior bowlers.  The Club may establish a junior program should there be sufficient numbers of committed, club coach accredited, junior coach volunteers to ensure viability of the program.

14.2   The Club also recognizes that junior bowlers should not be constrained in their early years by the usual definition of a novice. Therefore, it is the policy of SLBC that a junior bowler shall not become a novice until their thirteenth birthday regardless of the age they first joined the club. Their novice status shall then remain in effect for three years (sixteenth birthday) unless the junior wins first place/gold in any major BSI (Zone 1), Provincial or National Lawn Bowls event.

 14.3      The personal safety of junior bowlers while engaged in lawn bowling is a prime objective of a club-sponsored junior program.

 14.4      Volunteer coaches in the junior program shall be subjected to a criminal indices record check conducted through the local police.  This records check shall be to the level and kept current in accordance with police guidelines.

14.5      Bowlers in the junior program shall have unlimited free use of club facilities while under direct supervision of a junior coach. Any equipment on loan to a junior must be returned immediately if a junior drops out of the program. And Juniors who decide to no longer stay in the club's junior program but wish to remain a club member shall remain a junior by definition, but shall pay the adult fee and return any equipment on loan.                          

 14.6      Other than participating in club draws and tournaments, junior bowlers, using club facilities, shall be under the direct supervision of a junior coach.

14.7      To participate in club draws and tournaments, beyond coaching context, a junior bowler must be a member of the club.

 14.8      Junior bowlers wishing to represent the club in external bowling activities may do so under the supervision of a junior coach or adult family member. 

14.9   Every prospective junior shall receive their introductory training by a program assigned coach. After their third training session they must with parental consent, join as a junior member. All required forms regarding health and privacy issues shall be completed and returned with the junior's application and fee for membership.


The important little things I will remember:

1. Be on time.   

2. Shake hands when starting and ending my games.  

3. Not waste time, be ready to bowl when it's my turn. 

4. Watch the course of each bowl I roll. 

5.Listen to my coaches when they are giving advice. 6. That others depend on me as I depend on them.