Pilot projects

The homes that have been invited to participate in SIDI are: (See the respective links for more information)
  • Humberstone House catering for mild to moderate ID, including some residents with challenging behaviour. This home opened in November 2013 and following receipt of substantial donor funds, will expand from 5 to 7 residents in 2015. 
  • Academy for Adults with Autism catering for autistic adults, but with less challenging behaviour than Open Circle. They have also received donor funding to purchase a house in Bergvliet. 
  • Anchors Away, catering for intermediate intellectual disability, but not challenging behaviour. Their house is under construction and residents are expected to take occupation by the end of 2015.

In addition to these homes,  The Open Circle opened in January 2015.  It caters for 30 dual diagnosis (ID + challenging behaviour) residents and is located in the old nurses home on the grounds of Alexandra Hospital. DOH and DSD have provided substantial subsidies enabling residents to be admitted without considering ability to pay fees. See The Open Circle website for more information.


Some benchmark data are given here.  This data has already been of value to potential new houses and existing houses.  It is a network activity that will be continued in the future.