Overall Objectives

The Southern Intellectual Disability Initiative (SIDI) is a Voluntary Association not for Gain which aims to support the establishment and development of a sustainable network of residential group homes and protective workshops that cater for adults with an intellectual disability.  The primary initial objective is the disbursement of the available donor funds and thereafter to promote and grow a cooperative network of homes.    


To call for applications for capital projects to establish new homes, or upgrade existing homes, and disburse the available donor funding in accordance with the adjudication criteria and the donor’s wishes.

To establish a group home coordination facility that enables the participating homes to apply for the DSD institutional subsidy, including:

1)      Managing the contract

2)      Implementation of Norms and Standards

3)      Managing the budgets/finances

4)      Monitoring and reporting on all the activities of affiliates as per directive of DSD

5)      Provide registers and source documents as evidence of all beneficiaries of affiliates

6)      Provide Audit Financial Statements and quarterly progress reports

7)      Provide capacity and support to the Boards of the individual Group Homes. 

8)      Investigate any matter of negligence or non-compliance of the affiliates

To promote networking amongst the participating homes and promote opportunities for training of staff and governing bodies. 

To promote the social, physical and emotional well being of all residents of the member homes and to advise and assist where possible with educational and workplace training.

To assist homes to fill available vacancies or to help place residents who cannot be accommodated in an alternative facility.

To be a member of the Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability (WCFID); to participate in the Forum activities and encourage member homes to participate in the activities of the Forum.

To assist with and promote fundraising activities for SIDI and also on behalf of all the SIDI homes. 

To promote public awareness of SIDI and its activities and foster positive press and community relationships. 

To conduct and publish benchmarks or surveys, both for use in the SIDI network and more widely where applicable or useful to other organisations.