The Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability (WCFID) is conducting a census to determine the need for group home placement for adults with an intellectual disability and the barriers parents and caregivers face. 

 Interview with Karen Key on SAfm, 6 May 2014
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All parents or caregivers caring for an adult with an intellectual disability who are seeking group home placement are requested to respond. Not more than 10 minutes are required to complete the simple questionnaire, which can be completed electronically or telephonically or in person. Should you wish to participate, please contact the WCFID group homes coordinator, Ms Feroza Cassim, on 021 510 4686 or 071 507 5857 or email grouphome.census@gmail.com.  All the census forms are also attached below and can be downloaded, completed electronically and emailed back. 


Caring for an intellectually disabled child or sibling is a challenge for many families.  In the past, much of this care was provided by the state in large state run or supported institutions.  International best practice, which South Africa is following, is that this care should be provided in the home or in smaller community based group homes.

A number of initiatives have recently commenced that strengthen this policy shift:

  • A private donor has offered R12m in funding to the Southern Intellectual Disability Initiative (SIDI) to support the establishment of a number of new group homes. This funding is for capital costs.
  • The Departments of Health and Social Development of the Western Cape have offered funding of R3m pa for running costs for a home on the Alexandra Hospital site focusing on challenging behaviour. 
  •  The Department of Public Works of the Western Cape is facilitating the use of the old nurses home on the Alex site as a group home.

The projects are pilots to test how public-private partnerships can help establish group homes and ensure their long term sustainability.  The learning from these pilots will inform future public and private support for intellectual disability.  

The overall project has been endorsed and supported by the Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille, and her personal support has been key in bringing all the role players together.  Public-private partnerships are challenging to manage!

The census is a key aspect of the overall project to establish the extent of the need for group homes and to develop a database which can be used to match need with availability of places.

Families with a child or sibling who is intellectually disabled can be very isolated and struggle to cope. The database arising from this census will help link families in a supportive network, whether that be in a group home or at home. Through the Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability (WCFID) there will also be opportunities for training, information sharing and collaboration.

 For more information:

Dr Tony Heher, Chairman, Southern Intellectual Disability Initiative, tony.heher@gmail.com or 082 654 5582

Ms Feroza Cassim, Group Home Coordinator, Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability, grouphomes.wcfid@kingsley.co.za or tel 071 507 5857.

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