Sidhartha Sankar Rout
PhD Scholar

Advanced Multicore Systems Lab (AMS Lab)
Indraprashtha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIIT-D)
Okhla Phase III
New Delhi 110020


I am a PhD research Scholar in the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Indraprashtha Institute of Information Technology Delhi (IIIT Delhi). I am working under the supervision of Dr. Sujay Deb in the Advanced Multicore Systems Lab (AMS Lab). My research area is Reliability and QoS of High Performance Computing Systems (HPC) where I am majorly focusing on the Post Silicon Validation of communication Infrastructure for Multi-core Processor.

Recent News

Jul 2018:             Our paper got accepted in NOCS 2018 to be held in Torino, Italy in Oct 2018.
Our paper got accepted in DCIS 2018 to be held in Lyon, France in Nov 2018.
                           Appointed as a Teaching Assistant for the course Computer Architecture at IIIT Delhi.
                           Our work got selected to be presented as a poster in NOCS 2018 to be held in Torino, Italy in Oct 2018.

Jun 2018:            Our paper got accepted in VDAT 2018 to be held in Madurai, India in Jun 2018.

Apr 2018:            Our paper got accepted in ISVLSI 2018 to be held in Hong Kong SAR, China in July 2018. 

Jan 2018:            Our paper got accepted in ISCAS 2018 to be held in Florence, Italy in May 2018. 
Attended EmbeddedVLSID 2018 conference (6th Jan to 10th Jan) held at Pune.
                          Appointed as a
Teaching Assistant for the course Integrated Electronics at IIIT Delhi.

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