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ABM Command

ABM Command: DEFense CONdition 1 is the definitive missile defense game on iPhone and iPod Touch!

Defend your cities and mans against onslaughts of enemy ICBMs -- then turn the game around and fire your missiles at the enemy for devastating counter-attacks!

At the end of each day, purchase offensive and defensive special weapons from the local arms dealer, increasing your combat capability for the following engagement!

Offensive weapons
- Tomahawk (smart) Missile
- "Tiny" bunker buster
- Bomber Wing air strike
- Orbital Space Laser
- Automatic targeting system

Defensive weapons
- Death blossom missile system
- Radar targeting system
- AAA cannon (anti-aircraft artillery)
- National party (revitalizes cities)

(Follow this link for full weapon descriptions)

Play as one of six fictional nations, each with its own strengths and weaknesses!

(Follow this link to country descriptions)