Welcome to the official website of SidedVirus Art & Animation! I, Caden Mitchell, am the creator of this website along with its YouTube channel. I am a digital artist and animator that uses a variety of free and open-source programs such as Blender, Gimp, and Inkscape to make cool things like games and animations. You can download all my original project files from this website and edit and redistribute the original files because they're all free and open-source! Happy Browsing! - Caden Mitchell

Ubuntu Deepin

I am currently working on making my own Linux distribution. I am trying to make an Ubuntu-based platform with LighDM and Deepin. I'm calling it Ubuntu Deepin. I am working on it because I feel that Deepin is such an important part of Linux and it is very polished. I feel like it would help fill that niche in the Linux community. -Caden Mitchell

My Intro Animation


Files on this site are hosted by Microsoft OneDrive.


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