Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the demands of being a parent?  Do you ever wonder why children don’t come with their own how-to manuals?  We ask for support in so many areas of our lives, why not parenting, too?

Do you need someone to really listen and support you in addressing your specific parenting issues?  Side-by-Side Parent Coaching is here to help.


Fay Bomberg, BSN/MFT and

PCI Certified Parent Coach®*

Parenting our children is such an important job.  It is so rewarding – yet so challenging, too.

As your parent coach, I am here to help.  I support parents in order to effectively address the challenges of parenting, and guide them to help their children develop in healthy ways.  We work on here-and-now issues using an action-oriented approach that is built on our coach-client relationship.  Together we reconnect with and focus on your strengths to map out steps to move forward.  I never impose anything on you – we work side-by-side in a trusting, supportive and collaborative manner to create your steps for change.

Together, we will identify what is already working, clarify your parenting goals, and give you tools to achieve them.  And best of all, our coaching can all be done over the phone – with you in your pajamas or while your children are napping.  It can even be during your lunch hour at work.

* A graduate of the Parent Coaching Institute in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University.  The PCI™ is the only graduate-level parent coach training program offering an exclusive Parent Coach Certification® program.