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Rifts Three Galaxies/Phase World Crossover Campaign

Click Here to see the full-sized Three Galaxies Map. Warning! This is a HUGE file.

Currently Being Worked On: Three Galaxies Notes

These are the various campaign notes for the Phase World/Robotech crossover campaign that my group is playing.

Robotech Revisions McKlever Defense Forces Phase World Notes
Updated REF OCC's VF-12 Thunderbolt Combat Notes
Revised Alpha Fighter Revised Cyclone Armor Pheonix Unlimited
Revised Beta Fighter C&C Beta Fighter The Queen-class Luxury Liner
Vindicator Veritech Fighter Arrow Drone Interceptor Various Ship Speeds
TRans-EArth Deployment Booster Lakota Escort Carrier Armor Levels Quick Sheet
Spartas Hovertank   Ship Builder Spreadsheet
Robotech Mecha Sheets   Supplemental Notes

  Tornado/Derecho Power Armor



Rifts RPG Campaign Notes

I Love this poster!

This is a list of documents and alternate rules that was used in my Rifts Mid-Atlantic City-States campaign.

Mid-Atlantic City-States and Organizations

Character OCC's Power Armors Vehicles
Citizens of Baltimore Errant Power Armor Civilian Vehicles
House Witch OCC Cavalier Power Armor Sky Raven Attack Aircraft
Redeemer OCC Paul Bunyan Power Armor Riverine Patrol Boat
The Knight Orders of Baltimore John Henry Power Armor Lynx Hover Jeep
Baltimore Defense Force Sprinkler Power Armor Patriot-X Missile System

Zippo Power Armor Humvee Light APC

Super Abrams Main Battle Tank

Northern Gun Maverick

Chameleon Scout Van

Body Armors and Special Items Campaign Notes
U.S. Army SentryBots Jerry's Home Rules
New Lasers of the BDF Palladium Frequently Asked Questions
Endo-Canister Palladium Skills List
Plasma Generator Military-Occupational Specialties
Extinguisher A Map of Rifts United States
Lock-N-Load Equipment Miscellaneous Items

Jerry's Alternate Missile Chart

Images of the Rifts Campaign

Timeline of the Mid-Atlantic Campaign

Battletech Minature Combat

I've been a fan of Classic Battletech since 1989. While I originally started playing before the Clan Invasion, I very quickly adopted their technology for my own designs. Below is the link to my Battletech Page. Enjoy.

Battletech Designs and Miniatures

An Alternate Battletech Timeline

Gundam for the Mecha! RPG

Note: In January of year 2000, I suffered an immense harddrive failure. In losing both of my drives at the same time, I also lost all of the revisions I had made to the Gundam Rules since May of 1998. Unfortunately, I lost all of the Structural Integrity changes that I had planned on making, and I have since lost all interest in doing such a massive recalculation project. Thankfully, around two years ago, James Houlahan let me know where I could find one of the few preliminary copies of Version 3.5 that I had released. Released below is the final revision, Version 3.5, of the Main Rules, along with the long promised Warship section. [11/13/2003]

Robotech RPG

Currently being worked on for the Robotech RPG is: Adventure 4: [No Title Yet].

The 2nd M.A.G. Adventures

Technical Files for the Robotech RPG

Ships of the MAG Adventures

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