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As you will see in the page below, I am a fan of the Universal Century Gundam. These are the Gundam stories that start with the Original Gundam in U.C. 0079 and end somewhere after U.C. 0150 with V-Gundam. I have nothing against Gundam Wing or any of the other alternate universe Gundam series, in fact, I loved Seed, Destiny, and 00. Maybe one day I will do a write up of those series, maybe not. In any case, I hope you will find the information presented below interesting and informative.

***SPOILERS!*** (Index Below)

What is Gundam?? (Long)

What is Gundam?? (Pieces)

Also Available:
Timeline of the Universal Century
A Rough Guide to the Gundam Characters
Aces of the One Year War
Gundam Models and Miniatures
Burke's Biglist of Gundam Mecha
The Script to Char's Counter Attack

Gundam Campaign Rules for Mecha!:

As you can imagine, a series as popular as Gundam is sure to spawn a board game or RPG of sort. While Bandai does have an official Gundam RPG, it is only available in Japanese (making it a bit hard to play if you only understand English). Over the years, there have been several Gundam Conversions for many of the mecha game systems. I have seen conversions for everything from Heavy Gear to Mekton. As I don't play those game systems (Battletech fan myself), I never bothered to collect those conversions. If you want to get them, you can ask on the Usenet newsgroup dedicated to mecha wargaming, Rec.Games.Mecha (which I help moderate). The quickest and easiest way to join the newsgroup is to go to Deja.com and sign up.

Way back in 1994, a previous member of the newsgroup, Daniel Ho, posted a preliminary conversion for playing Gundam in the Mecha! gaming system. I liked the write up and contacted Daniel about the conversion and Mecha!. After several long conversations, I decided to buy the book and try it out. To say the least, I fell heads over heels in love with the game. Over the next 2 years we collaborated and completed the conversion. With technical help from Mark Simmons, I also completed conversions for the One Year War and Char's CounterAttack. Finally, after 5 years, the final version of the Gundam Conversion is finished, Version 3.5. Version 3.5 can be found below, along with the various campaign settings.

Gundam: Rules For Mecha!
Gundam: The One Year War
Gundam: Char's Counter Attack
The Warships of Gundam

If you wish to purchase a copy of Mecha!, you can get it here: Flagship Games.

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