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Welcome to the site which was the home of the Unofficial Gundam 30th Anniversary Celebration.
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posted May 26, 2009, 1:23 PM by Ezhno Morreaux   [ updated Jun 2, 2009, 11:56 PM by Ezhno Morreaux ]

Hey guys, so it's finally time. My last post. 

      This was an interesting albeit haphazard event and I hope people enjoyed it because I sure went through hell getting it all together. It's too bad there weren't more people helping else we could've done a lot more. There were a bunch of games that were planned that never got anywhere at all because I was literally the only one building and setting them up. We even had a whole events section planned with all kinds of things like discussions, documentaries, and parodies. It's a shame I didn't get to do any of it. 

      My ultimate goals of this event from the start were two things; firstly I wanted to have an event for the 30th Anniversary that anyone could partake in. Secondly and somewhat hilariously I just wanted the site to be better than any generic convention site. Those things are usually terrible, I mean god damn. While we're not anything super fancy I think I pulled off functionality and practicality. I think the hardest part has been the prizes. I didn't think there would be any issues but with any option available to me the companies were giving me so many issues about international shipping. Some of them even had concerns about shipping to someone else's address in the same country! But mark my words you'll all get what you've won, the honour of Zeon rests upon it!

      Though I didn't merely do it for the sake of doing it. Of course not. I love Macross also but you didn't see me do anything for the launch ceremony. To me, Gundam is very important for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons being that Yoshiyuki Tomino's work is what originally inspired me to be a writer. Another reason is that it also helped me through some hard times which I wont get into. Beyond all of that it just has such long and rich history with so many talented people contributing so much to it. One day I hope to be such a person.

      I could go on about a lot of the things I hate about newer shows or all of the things I love about the classics (this doesn't apply to just Gundam either); but I wont. I'll just say that despite whatever you may think or feel there are some stories that are just timeless. The qualities and values of these stories should never be forgotten and I certainly won't stop enjoying them or passing them on.

      There's so much more I wish to say but I'm trying to keep this succinct. So without any further rambling let's move on to the surprise shall we?
One of the things I hate is that when people do things or special events occur is that if you're not there you don't even know what it was like unless you're fortunate enough to find some kind of video or picture of it. In light of this I decided to release all of the material I have for the original games and what not to the public. So here we go!

Custom Unit Game Files:

Who's That MS? Game Files:

Gundam BINGO Game FIles:

Gundam Name the Song Videos:

Gundam Name the Song Files:

And a special, unexpected (and perhaps unwanted) surprise!
I have ripped an ISO file of the PC Version of Gundam: The War for Earth!

Finally I'd like to thank everyone that helped out the most. 
All of the donations were a huge help and made everything a lot less expensive for me.

Thanks to:
  • Anonymous
  • Ayonoi
  • Brinkmanship
  • Might_Gaine
  • Striker1346
There were others who were very helpful by helping me figure out how to go about things, finding things for me to use, or helping and teaching me how to create and edit images.

Thanks to:
  • Good_Haro
  • Nightmare Shade
  • Schpeltor
  • Tendai
  • The Nightmare Zero
You should look at the credits page for complete credits!

      I'll keep up with the E-Mail until all prizes are delivered but if anyone has any questions, comments, general insanity, etc feel free to send an E-Mail to me directly at !

These are the voyages...  ●  SIDE-30 FINAL  ●  LAST SHOOTING!  ●  Dedicated to all future pioneers.  ●  This is only the beginning!  ●  Everything is Alpha-Numeric!  ●  We have come to terms.  ●  You're gonna carry that weight.  ●  Fin.  ●  SEE YOU AGAIN: GUNDAM FIGHT 14!  ●  I only meant to stay a while.  ●  SIEG ZEON!

Yo buddy, still alive?

My Return!!

posted May 13, 2009, 6:02 PM by Ezhno Morreaux

Hello, I am now back from my trip which ended up lasting a week. I have also resolved all issues with the international shipping and everyone who has not yet gotten their prizes will have them shipped very soon.

Riding from one place to another for 24 hours straight is not very fun and after some rest (and the remaining prizes shipped) I will make the final news post with all kinds of neat things!

Random Draw Winners!!! LAST SHOOTING!

posted May 5, 2009, 2:59 PM by Ezhno Morreaux   [ updated May 5, 2009, 3:09 PM ]

Well, the final event took place today in our IRC channel #Side30. A small audience watched as I used my dice rolling script to randomly draw the the winners from the pool of entries. In total there were 66 people people successfully entered into the Random Draw event and unfortunately only a few could win! 

In total there are seven winners. The top five winners get to pick their kit of choice as any normal contest or game winner does. The names drawn for 6th and 7th place will be given a randomly selected kit. We may also be receiving additional kits to hand out and if we do there will be an 8th and 9th place that will also be given a randomly selected kit.

But for now, the winners are:
  1. OrangeHaro93
  2. CaptainMatt
  3. Shinnew
  4. Angela V
  5. Might_Gaine
  6. Kamille Bidan
  7. Cassarenas
That is the final event! We are over! Except for some prize shipping things are completely finished! \o/

Unfortunately I have to go out of state for a few days and wont have access to the internet so I won't be able to contact anyone or manage shipments. It's only for a few days however and shouldn't be a problem. I'll be making a final farewell announcement (a big one, with surprises) once I return!

Sieg Zeon!!


posted May 4, 2009, 6:25 PM by Ezhno Morreaux

Well, the last contest has finally been scored and thrown up. I knew fan-fiction would be terrible from the moment it was thought of but I had to do it; for the glory of Zeon!!! SIEG ZEON o/
The placements are:

1st Natakun
2nd (Tied) DrugLordKai
2nd (Tied) phoenixstrike
3rd Ray W
4th (Tied) PikaCheeka
4th (Tied) Shinigami Grahf
5th (Tied) Brinkmanship
5th (Tied) Imperial
5th (Tied) NewYinzer
5th (Tied) Noisemaze
6th Emihaumut
7th Coop
8th (Tied) Alexxis
8th (Tied) livonze

And now the final chance for everyone approaches... The Random Draw Event! Which will probably take place tomorrow as today is pretty much over and I'm too out of it to be able to properly do it ! :(


Fan Fiction is Coming!

posted May 4, 2009, 4:30 AM by Ezhno Morreaux

Just posting to let everyone know that the fan fiction contest is not forgotten. It's only taking so long because we have to go through and read all of the entries completely to give a proper judging. On top of that one of the judges didn't submit a full scoring! :(  That is the only thing delaying the results, so it should be posted very soon.

And remember, random draw means anyone can still win!

Gunpla Showcase Scores UP!

posted May 2, 2009, 10:59 AM by Ezhno Morreaux

The event everyone was waiting for is finally fully scored and announced! The placements are:

1st Mave
2nd (Tied) The Ghost of Zeon
2nd (Tied) wakboi_xD
3rd (Tied) Loran Basara Evin
3rd (Tied) Prime92
4th Derringer
5th (Tied) Christopher Moore
5th (Tied) Evoluder Kamina
6th (Tied) Akita
6th (Tied) livonze
7th (Tied) FreedomWEN
7th (Tied) Hyakushiki
8th (Tied) Ace Whatever
8th (Tied) Raith
9th Justine Paul
10th Kevin Ruiz T. Atienza
11th Kamille

With this the only event remaining to be put up and the winners announced is the Fan Fiction Contest. After which we'll be doing the Random Draw Event where all participants in all games and contests have one last chance to win! And there will be multiple winners!

All Pages Fixed

posted Apr 30, 2009, 9:04 PM by Ezhno Morreaux

So yeah, all score pages will now display properly in all mainstream browsers. Particularly Internet Explorer.
I just wish someone would have told me that there was such an error but for whatever reason the people who use Internet Explorer thought the pages were supposed to look broken and all over the place with just three words per line.... ....

Page Fix Progress...

posted Apr 30, 2009, 6:28 PM by Ezhno Morreaux   [ updated Apr 30, 2009, 9:04 PM ]

I've just completely fixed the trivia scores page. It will now fully display properly in Internet Explorer as well as any other browser. I'll update this post as I fix all of the pages.

Fixed Score Pages
  • Trivia Scores
  • Custom Unit Scores
  • Name the Song Scores
  • Scores & Results
  • Sieg Propaganda! Scores
  • Who's That Mobile Suit?! Scores
  • Drawing Contest Scores
  • SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Results
  • Cosplay Contest Scores
  • Fan-Art Scores
  • Gundam AMV Scores
  • Hot Blood Scores
  • Singing Contest Scores

Internet Explorer Errors Solved

posted Apr 30, 2009, 5:39 PM by Ezhno Morreaux   [ updated Apr 30, 2009, 9:19 PM ]

Ok so I've figured out why pages don't display correctly in Internet Explorer. And the reason is a really stupid one.

Basically when I was creating the score tables I copied the same lines over and over again and just put in the text afterwards so I didn't have to manually create all of the code. When I did this I set the width of the original line I copied from to 10px. This way when I edit the top line to whatever width (which was undetermined at the time) it would over-ride the rest of the table; 700 is greater than 10 and thus would reshape the table to fit despite the width still being set at 10px.

Apparently IE doesn't like this time-saving measure and insists that I can not over-ride the whole table with just one line of code. Meaning it wants me to manually edit the width on every, single, line of code.

So basically I'll be fixing this error and it will unfortunately delay the posting of the Gunpla and Fan Fiction scores because there's only one of me. :(

On second thought, I might not be able to fix it as that may not be the entire problem.

Cosplay Contest Scores UP!

posted Apr 29, 2009, 11:12 PM by Ezhno Morreaux

Now the scores for the Cosplay Contest are up and here is the finishing order:

1st Muze
2nd Shii Arisugawa
3rd FunkySonicWorld
4th Wayne Kaa
5th Ashley
6th Loran Basara Evin
7th Zetta

Complete scores and pictures can be found here:

1-10 of 60