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Siddhartha Shankar Das

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET),

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My research interests lie broadly in the domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a specialization in Machine Learning (ML). I am particularly interested in Evolutionary Computation where bio-inspired metaheuristics are used for solving complex optimization problems. I am keen to work on the distributed system for large-scale optimization. My recent focus is on the development of effective learning algorithms for Deep Neural Network and their applications on Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. My research goal is to develop and apply ML in real-world applications and work on Artificial General Intelligence.

About me

I'm an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science (CSE) at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). I obtained my B.Sc. and MS degree from BUET. I did both of my theses under the supervision of Prof. Monirul Islam. Here is a link to my [curriculm viate]

News and updates

  • Graphics course, Summer, 2018
  • Paper accepted at IPCCC, 2017

Ongoing Works

[To be updated] A PageRank Characterization of Knee Points for Many-Objective Optimization Problems

Proteek Chandan Roy, Siddharth Shankar Das, Monirul Islam


Target journal: IEEE Transaction on Evolutionary Computation

              • Extension: A new utility-based PageRank for Hypervolume approximation (ongoing for conference)


F-DEA: Evolutionary Algorithm using Adaptive Fuzzy dominance and Reference point for Many-objective optimization

Siddhartha Shankar Das, Monirul Islam, Naheed Anjum Arafat


[under review] ELSEVIER journal on Swarm and Evolutionary Computation

              • Extension: Implementation of F-DEA in distributed system (ongoing for conference)

NEW! A Greedy Approach with NSGA-III Algorithm to Enhance Performance of Computing Clusters

ASM Rizvi, Tarik Reza Toha, Siddhartha Shankar Das, Sriram Cheppallan, Alim Al Razi


[review] IPC-2018, IEEE ICC 2018 SAC Symposium Cloud Communications and Networking Track

NEW! Many-Objective optimization for Performance Enhancement in computing clusterASM Rizvi, Tarik Reza Toha, Siddhartha Shankar Das, Sriram Cheppallan, Alim Al Razi


Accepted, IPCCC-2017 (36th IEEE -- International Performance Computing and Communications Conference)

Ongoing and Past Research Projects

A Many-objective Evolutionary Approach Using Fuzzy Dominance With Bidirectional Bias

Siddhartha Shankar Das, Monirul Islam, Naheed Anjum Arafat


Submitted as Undergraduate Thesis

A Grid Based Many-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm using Fuzzy Fitness

Siddhartha Shankar Das, Naheed Anjum Arafat, Monirul Islam


Best poster award: 3rd in 2nd undergraduate thesis poster presentation, 2014 (out of 53 submissions)

Implementation of document image Segmentation algorithm for handwritten OCR

Siddhartha Shankar Das


Advanced Image Processing Course, 2016

A short survey on Near-Duplicate Video detection and retrievalSiddhartha Shankar Das


High Dimensional Data management Course, 2016

Analysis of Advertisement fraudulent activities (click fraud, impression fraud etc)

based on our implementation of a large-scale Advertisement service system, that loads millions of ads daily into different news portal of Bangladesh (prothom alo, bdnews, bangla tribune, bikroy )

[code] Siddhartha Shankar Das, Azad Salam


Details of other projects can be found here

Current and recent collaborators: Proteek Chandan Roy (Michigan State University), Sriram Cheppallan (University of South Florida)