Tux, the Linux Mascot


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What is so special about?

Well, this is a collage made from the old velvet cloth taken out from some old
outfit of my mother. The yellow portion is done from pulses. Eyes are painted
by simple poster colour.

Why I made this?

My nine year old brother got his assignment to make a collage on flightless birds.
We made penguin (Tux), an Ostrich, a Kiwi and an Emu.

Can I distribute this image?

Yes, as long as you don’t modify this image. Thumb-nailing is allowed but the
copyright message at the top of the picture should be clearly visible.

Can I modify this picture?

No. You cannot modify this picture and publish it. However, you may send
your modified version of this image to the authors email address and check if it
is alright to publish it.

Do you usually make these kinds of crafts?

No. I am not a art ’n’ craft person. I got this assignment from my brother, that
is why I was ’forced’ to do it.

Where to contact you?

You can contact me on my email address which is siddhantsanyam at gmail
dot com