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Wine Seller

Delhi's First Wine Boutique

Leave the tequila shots for the teenyboppers, the flavoured vodkas for the after-work girls’ night out, and raise a toast to what all the grown-up divas twirl in long-stemmed glasses — wine.

Brave the dusty hubbub beneath the Savitri flyover, go past the Maruti showroom on your left, and walk into Delhi’s first wine boutique, unescorted. Have an actual conversation with the staff and walk out with one of the 300-plus Chileans, Aussies, Argentines, Californians, or even a French, Italian or Indian vintage — sans stares and catcalls.

The diverse array of bottles lies in little cubbyholes, lapping the cork as they should (rather than stand around gathering light and dust while the cork crumbles and kills the wine).

Surprise, it’s a sarkari outlet, having swapped its dowdy image for swank chrome, glass and chip-free tiles.

Spacious, brightly lit, well-stocked, with over 150 international brands, even if not quite the heady crisp-cool experience of a Duty Free. But hey, you won’t have to fly for it.

Savitri Cinema Complex, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi 110048. Telephone: 29214412, 29215365.
Prices: From Rs. 200 (for