An Informatics Ventures event for The Scottish Informatics & Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) in association with ScotlandIS are hosting the first DEMOFest North in February 2014; a technology showcase that brings together industry and academia in the SICSA research community.

 DEMOfest North - 11th February 2014

Riverside East, Robert Gordon University

Guest Registration

DEMOfest is a technology showcase of leading Informatics and Computer Science research from Scottish Universities and offers the opportunity for industry partners and academics to come together for:

  • collaborative innovation 
  • studentships & placements 
  • technology licensing & consultancy 
  • feasibility & proof of concepts

With 40+ exhibitors from 14 Universities attending in the evening, DEMOfest really is the best way to see the technologies of tomorrow…in one convenient place. Research will be exhibited from the following themes among others: 

  • Digital Games;
  • Speech & Language;
  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI);
  • Robotics & Artificial Intelligence;
  • Big Data; Health & Life Sciences;
  • Cyber Security; Cloud Computing;
  • Systems Design & Networks;
  • Tourism, Sports & Leisure;
  • Energy;
  • Other.

We will also be holding parallel workshops during the afternoon exploring two of the hot topics in informatics; BIG Data for Oil & Gas and SMART Tourism. The workshops will be made up of an industry and academic audience and offers the chance for interesting discussion on the future directions of technologies in these areas. 

Workshop on Smart Tourism

This event will explore cutting-edge digital technologies that can enhance the experience of tourists, and others, exploring the rich historical and cultural heritage of Scotland. The purpose of the workshop is to identify critical areas where the visitor experience can be improved, to build relationships to address tourism challenges and stimulate ideas for potential solutions.  This event is essential for any business working in the tourism sector looking to exploit the exciting opportunities available from digital tourism. This workshop will bring together members of academia, users and industry to debate key developments and approaches to exploiting and building upon exciting new technological opportunities.

Workshop on Big Data - Getting Value from your data.

Big Data is a general term relating to datasets that are characterised by the “3 Vs”: high Volume of data, high Velocity of data generation, and high Variety from highly heterogeneous data and different sources. To date the industry has concentrated mainly on the “3 Vs” but is now beginning to explore a 4th V: how it can use analytics to extract added Value. For example in the oil and gas field additional value comes from enhanced oil recovery, in online retail it can be through understanding your customers motivations better during the transaction, and in the public sector it is providing better more responsive services. This event will explore current approaches to utilizing advanced analytics for gaining business value from data. The purpose of the workshop is to identify future areas of development, build relationships to address data challenges and stimulate ideas for potential solutions that can be supported through the planned Data Lab.  This event is essential for any business trying to understand how it can get more from its data or for entrepreneurs looking to exploit these opportunities. This workshop will bring together members of academia, users and software organisations to debate key developments and approaches to exploiting value from data.

DEMOfest Timetable

13.15 - 14.00 - Registration and networking lunch for workshops

14.00 - 16.30 - Workshops (see below for more information)

DEMOfest Showcase                                                                                                                  

17.00  Formal Registration - Networking buffet & Drinks Reception

17.30  Opening Address - SICSA Director, Scotland IS, RGU Principal & Informatics Ventues

17.50  Networking 

19.30  Event closes.

Scottish Universities can be considered to have the largest ICT research cluster in Europe and DEMOfest demonstrates the best of Informatics and Computing Science state-of-the-art research in Scotland.

Our Universities are involved in virtually all areas of computer science and informatics - from low-level hardware design, through networking and middleware, to wetware, artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, big data, Cyber Security and social informatics. We are world leaders in both theoretical and practical aspects of these disciplines and work closely with industry and Government to exploit this know-how and technology. Activities are broad and cover areas such as green ICT, cloud computing, smart tourism, creative media, data security, next generation internet, complex systems and sensors.