Hi Everyone!

       You may not know me (joke), but I am Milton Francis, a mathematics teacher who works at The High School for Teaching and the Professions in The Bronx.  It is suppose to be a small school but my class size ranges from an average of 20 – 34 students.  I teach the Regents Math A and Math B as well as a course called Intermediate Algebra 1 and Intermediate Algebra 2.  Last year, my Principal made me the Technology Coordinator of the school without much basic technology equipment, and of course without a room.   


       I have never worked with a Technology Coordinator before, but I am acquainted with them in previous schools in which I have worked.  I noticed that they are equip with a computer laboratory and all the equipment that are necessary to make the lab function.  In those labs I have seen computer terminals at workstations, printers, scanners, etc.  Some of the these coordinators are privileged to have a Lab Assistant while others do not.  I also noticed that these Lab Assistants helped the Tech Coordinator during class, as well as before and after school with lab preparation.


       From my observation, I believe that a Technology Coordinator should have   knowledge of the technology equipment that he/she uses daily.  This does not necessarily mean that a detailed knowledge of the hardware equipment is needed but, that would be an asset to the coordinator.  However, the coordinator needs to have a wide knowledge of computer software, and keep his/her knowledge current with the latest new and updated software. 


       Since accepting the role of ‘Computer Coordinator’ at my school, I have tried in my own small way, to develop the technology base of the school.  These include, acquiring two interactive whiteboards (SMART Boards), upgrading the few PCs that are in selective classrooms, securing what’s left of the cart of Laptop computers, monitoring the use of the ‘SMART Boards’ and the laptops/laptop cart, training the faculty in the use of the ‘SMART Board’ by holding Professional Development sessions on a timely basis, etc.  As the coordinator, I am also responsible for maintaining the school’s web site , a task that I enjoy doing.


       My vision for the school is to constantly encourage the use of technology by teachers in their lessons, and to acquire the latest technology equipment needed at all times.  One way in which I have started to do that is by applying for Technology Grants, as my principal squeals a lot when I asked her for technology funding.  I am currently awaiting a large HP Grant.  I would also like to a have a room designated a ‘Computer Room or Lab’ as my technology equipment has no designated storage area, they are all over the place, that is, in different classrooms.

PS. The photograph shown on this page is my high school photo.