Milton Francis                                                              Jascinth Findlay


       Digital photography is the photographing technology of the 21st Century, and so educators must be prepared to teach, and to teach with this technology.  The main equipment needed is the digital camera.  Digital camera has its place in the classroom, and so the Professional Development (PD) with its focus on this piece of equipment and its uses, will target the individuals who will be required to share the knowledge and use of the equipment in schools - the teachers. 

       This PD will cater for both General Education and Special Education classroom teachers in the high schools. These schools are ‘small schools’ that are located in the buildings of larger schools that are slated to close within two to three years.  These teachers teach across the curriculum as they teach within their specialist areas.  The presenters of the PD are themselves specialist in their respective fields, one being a Physical Education teacher, while the other teaches mathematics.  Highlights of the valuable resources of the digital camera will be presented in the PD.  The advantages of using this technology will also be discussed.   

       Educators, while using this piece of technology, are faced with legal ramifications as well as ethical issues with regard to the use of photographing of students.  This PD will make the educators more aware, and more knowledgeable as they learn how to comply with privacy and confidentiality requirements and consent permissions.

       With such a magnificent presentation, the presenters are sure that a PD on Digital Photography using the digital camera will definitely be a success. 


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