Troubleshooting Oblivion Meshes



These are a few of the most common problems I've seen with Oblivion modeling and export.  This was once much longer, but many problems are obsolete with the new NIF scripts.  Expect it to expand as I discover new problems and fixes.


Problems and Solutions

1. PROBLEM: My mesh looks bizarre and spiky when I copy it into a new .nif.

SOLUTION: Perhaps you didn't parent your mesh to the skeleton, in which case you need to go back into Blender, parent it again, and export again. And believe me, the ctrl-A thing is not optional here, it's very necessary.

Another possibility is that you chose a game mesh with a very different kind of skeleton from yours to copy into. If you get an error message that says “cannot find (name of bone such as Bip01 UpperArm),” you’ve probably chosen a mesh that doesn’t contain the same bones as your cuirass; choose another one and try the NifSkope dance again.

2. PROBLEM: Error message in NifSkope says "cannot find 2," or "cannot find sceneroot.001," etc.

 SOLUTION: Rename your mesh's node 0 to just plain Scene Root and try again.

3. PROBLEM: My mesh looks fine in NifSkope, but it's invisible when I playtest in Oblivion.

SOLUTION: A few things can cause this, but it's usually that your skeleton is bad. This can happen. You can usually fix it by going back into Blender and deleting the skeleton to which your mesh is parented. Then import a clean skeleton, delete the meshes that came with it, and parent your cuirass to that. Now do the export dance all over again.

If you do this, make sure you use the EXACT SAME MESH to copy your new mesh into as the one you parented it to the second time. I.e., you can't usually parent it to the Arena heavy armor skeleton and then export it and try to copy it into the Dark Brotherhood skeleton.

It's dimly possible you could get this problem because you didn't do anything in NifSkope and merely assumed you could export a usable mesh straight from Blender. That is possible with Morrowind modding. It doesn't work with the current tools we have for Oblivion. You have been warned.

4. PROBLEM: My texture won't show up on my mesh. The mesh is totally black in the game even when it looks fine in NifSkope.

This could be caused by failing to create a normal map. Make sure the texture you want to use has a normal map with a name like (if your texture is called