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Sickle Cell Anaemia Disease  FAQ

Is there a cure for sickle cell disease ?

Yes ! . stem-cell transplantation  is the only curative treatment for sickle cell disease .

What are good treatment options for sickle cell anaemia Disease ?  
The administration of the herbal formula called Nicosan (TM) has shown very encouraging results on some sickle cell patients . It greatly reduces the frequency of acute pain, and need for blood transfuions . It is also pertinent to note that Nicosan (TM) is 0 % toxic , with no side effects .
More recently , another herbal formula called Mirabel Tea (TM) has produced very impressive results on some sickle cell patients .

What about Hydroxyurea therapy ?

Studies have shown that Hydroxyurea therapy has significant efficacy in reducing the frequency of painful crises in some adults and children . However , the main problem concerning the use of Hydroxyurea is the issue of managing its adverse & severe side effects on the human body . It is advised that Hydroxyurea be used only in the absence of safer alternatives .

Can people with sickle cell disease live productive lives ?

Yes ; with good management , care and support , people with sickle cell disease can live not only productive but also fulfilling lives .

If i am unable to go for   stem-cell transplantation , then what can i do  in order to cope better with sickle cell disease ?

1.Do not skip medication

2.Eat a balanced diet

3.Take folic acid supplements

4.Rest a lot, especially during acute sickle cell crises

5.Do not smoke

6.Avoid alcohol

7.Do not use harmful drugs (coccaine , heroine, e.t.c)

8.Join a support group

9.Avoid physical and emotional stress

10.Do not over exercise

11.Avoid sources of bacterial, viral, and fungal infection

12.Thoroughly cook food before eating

13.Drink 8 glasses of water everyday

14.Get plenty of fresh air

15.Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

16.Have a positive mental attitude

17.Avoid extreme weather conditions 

18.Pray daily and have faith -there is still a God up there who still answers prayers and performs miracles