Climate and Forecast

To enjoy your holidays in Sicily is very important to know the Sicilian climate.The climate in Sicily is Mediterranean. In recent decades, however, there have been substantial changes. On the coast, especially south-west, the climate is more similar to subtropical with hot summers and mild winters. On the Tyrrhenian coast, the temperature is lower and the rainfall increases. Around Etna the climate is alpine. Especially in the summer it is not rare that sirocco blows, the wind from the Sahara. The rainfall is low and the modesty of this atmospheric phenomenon has an impact on water supply. The Sicilian climate is' decidedly Mediterranean, with hot summers and winters short and mild. The hours of sunshine on average 2,500, against 2,000 in the Italian peninsula - and the 1,800 in southern France. The rainfall, rare, are concentrated in the winter months from October to March. The maximum temperature recorded in July and August  - On average 28 ° C - the minimum between December and February - an average of 10 ° -14 ° C. The water temperature varies from about 16 °C recorded in winter to 27 ° C summer. For a trip to Sicily that has not exclusively purpose of "beach" are recommended  the spring and autumn and particularly sier until mid-November.

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