An holiday in Sicily is a magnific and unforgettable experience. The charm of the blu sea, the magic of the history, the friendly Sicilian people and the folklore will make your stay in Sicily an inimitable adventure. Stop dreaming and come in the island of the sun, let your journey begin!
Visiting Sicily means discover the glories of the past centuries that have left clear signs on the territory . In this region,  magic, history, art, and culture are blended with the scenery and make a universe that will let you breathless. Recently, Sicily has begun to valorise its  huge natural, artistic and historic heritage becoming one of the most wanted in Italy. The millenary history and the remains of the past are probably even more inviting and this is the real reason that induces thousands of tourists to visit Sicily every year. Hot sun and sunburned hills perform the classical Sicilian panorama, so the area is really varied and amazing. For this reason the area is highly multiforme and multicolored. Spread of rocky coast alternating with wide cliffs and rocks with strips of white sand, protected from the Mediterranean vegetation. The inland looks sometimes very green and fruitful, sometimes dry and moorland. Finally, the presence of some volcanoes, Etna in particular, contributes to the unique and incomparable landscape of Sicily. The artistic heritages are guarded as parts of natural wonders, and the magnificence of the old testimonies are presented to the people coming from all the world.  Moreover  you will be  welcomed   by the famous and warm Sicilian hospitality  . The reasons to visit Sicily,then  are several . Besides the main  attractions  you will enjoy the typical food, sports, spa resorts and  religious  spots. Are you still wondering where to spend your next holiday?
As for your stay in Sicily you can choose amoung hundreds hotels, luxury class or "cheap and clean" as well. In recent years is growing also the market of "Bed & Breakfast" and the apartments to rent...especially in minor islands. Whatever your choice you will have a private bathroom ensuite, as in Italy is not common to share bathroom as other countries of Europe. We think the best period to have an holiday in Sicily is between April and October; it rarely rains during this part of the year and the climate is mild except July and August when the temperature can easily reach and exceed the 40° degrees. So we recommend you to wear comfortable rubber shoes (the rubber sole will avoid you to slip on smooth flooring typical of the historical center of Palermo) and a a cap to protect you from the sun when it's too hot. Don't forget to bring with you a city map, it could be easy to get lost in the ancient city center of Palermo: dozens of street that looks all the same, but in everyone you will find something nice to see: an old palace which belonged to a nobleman, a balcony from which overlooked a noblewoman (you will notice that the  railings of the old balconies of Palermo had a curved shape specifically designed to fit the shape of their dress allowing the noble ladies to lean out ), a little known church but magnificent inside or just a breathtaking view. However, don't forget in Italy (especially in Sicily) is not easy to find someone speaking English; you will have to face some difficulties if you try to interact with a bus driver, a barman, a policeman or simply a a passer-by. For this reason we recommend you to try to ask your questions to youngers (new generations are starting to study English seriously). Anyway, even if they don't speaks English at all, Sicilians are very proud about their country and they are delighted to help a tourist visiting thei city, so it's usual that they will try in any case to help you, even accompanying you to your destination (a square, a church, a monument) instead of showing the way with the hand.



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