The Steinhauser Family Tree.

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The story of the Steinhauser Family  is a beautiful one which is all about family and togetherness. Come with me as I dive into the wonderful story of the Steinhauser family. Contact me at or

Generation 1

Brenard O'Neill-born 1814 in Ireland. Married to Bridget ???, in Ireland, nothing else known.                                                                                                                     

Bridget ???-born 1814 in Ireland. Married to Bernard O'Neill. Nothing else known.

Generation 2

John Steinhauser-born 1840 in Baden, married Ellen O'Neill, and died before 1900 in Mt. Kisco, NY.

Brenard and Bridget had:

Ellen O'Neill- born January 1845 in Ireland, married John Steinhauser, and died before 1910 in Mt. Kisco.

Thomas O'Neill (1839), Mary (1846), Sarah (1847)-born in Ireland. Nothing else known.

John McCabe-Born Ireland. Married ? Dolan. Nothing else known.

? Dolan- Born in Ireland. Married John McCabe. Nothing else known.

Generation 3

John and Ellen had 2 children:

Albert B. Steinhauser- Born November 15, 1863. Married Margaret McCabe. Died March 24, 1944 in PA.

Charles Steinhauser- Born about 1869. Married Theresa ???. Died in Mt. Kisco in the early 1950's.

John and ??? had 12 children however only 1 is known:

Margaret McCabe- born April 1, 1864 in Ireland. Immigrated 1888. Married Albert B. Steinhauser in 1890, NY. Died September 13, 1926 in the Bronx, NY.

Generation 4

Albert B. and Margaret had 3 children:

Herbert John Steinhauser- Born February 21, 1891 in Manhattan. Married to Hazel ???. Died November 22, 1963 in Mt. Kisco, NY.

Albert Leo Steinhauser- Born June 25 1895 in Manhattan. Married to Helen Gondar. Died March 7, 1962, on Long Island, NY.

Althea Frances Steinhauser- Born September 7, 1901 in Manhattan. Married to Lawrence Wirsing on Aug. 24, 1924 in NY. Died August 1976 in Mt. Kisco, NY.

Generation 5

Herbert and Hazel had 1 child (still alive).

Albert and Helen had 9 children(6 living).

Althea and Lawrence had 2 children(1 living).



1. Baby Albert Leo.

2.Albert Leo with wife Helen.

3.Albert Leo (left)w/Unknown in WWI France.

4. Albert Leo(seated)w/Unknowns.

5.Albert Leo with daughter Helen.

6. Tombstone of Albert B. and Margaret, St. Raymonds, NY.

7. Herbert John (left)w/Unknown.

8/9. Tombstones for Herbert and Hazel, Mt. Kisco