The Gondar-Szello Family Tree.

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Katherine Gondar with daguhter Naomi Tenke.


Katherine Gondar with husband #2 Louis Tenke.


Frank Gondar WWI


Frank in WWI.


Helen Gondar with Daughter Helen Steinhauser.



Anthony Gondar.


Albert Steinhauser and Helen Gondar at daughter Helen's Wedding.


Unknown man most likely Janos Szello.


Painting by Alex Gondar.


Painting by Alex Gondar.


Painting by Alex Gondar.

It is my goal to go as far back as I can with my family tree, and learn as much about my ancestors' lives. Any possible relatives are welcomed to contact me at or . Hope to hear from you all soon and enjoy.


Generation 1


Ferencz Gondar- Nothing further known at this time.


Katalin Kantor- Nothing further known at this time.


Janos Szello- Nothing further known at this time.


? Schmidtmyer(sp?)- Nothing further known.


Generation 2


Ferencz and Katalin had at least 2 children:


Mihaly (Michael) Gondar- Born 1862 in Hungary- died November 14, 1929 in Manhattan, NY. Married Katalin Szello.


? Gondar- A brother who was a teamster. Nothing else known.


Janos Szello and ? had at least 1 child:


Katalin (Katherine) Szello- Born abt. 1872 in Hungary and died January 25, 1919 in Manhattan, NY. Married Mihaly Gondar.


Generation 3 and outline of generation 4


Mihaly and Katalin had 8 children:


Mihaly (Michael)- Born September 20, 1893 in Hungary-Died January 15, 1937 in Manhattan, NY, no children.


Erisabeth (Elsie)- Born !895 in Hungary-Died 1945 in Bayside, NY. Married John Tsadilla, 2 children.


Katalin (Katherine)- Born July 4, 1899- Died February 20, 1997 in Fresno, Califorina. Married twice: 1. Nicholas Erdody 2. Lousi Tenke. The first marriage produced 2 children, the second 1.


Sandor (Alex)- Born July 23, 1901 in Hungary- Died September 29, 1989 in Manhattan, NY, no children.


Ferencz (Frank)- July 13, 1904 in Hungary- Died February 1, 1990, on Staten Island, NY. Married Antonette, 2 children.


Hankf (Helen)- Born November4, 1905 in Hungary- Died January 21, 1987  in Astoria, NY. Married Albert Leo Steinhauser, 9 childern.


Mary- Born June 1909 in Manhattan- Died 1980 in the Bronx, NY.

Married Alfred Bunols, 1 child.


Anthony- Born 1913 in Manhattan.- No Children.