La Famiglia-The Savoca-Farfaglia Family.

Castiglione Di Sicilia.

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Hello, and welcome to my site! I would like to find anyone who might be related to my family, so come with me and walk along my ancestors (and maybe even yours!) as I bring you back to the beginings of the family all the way in Castiglione di Sicila.

The surnames in my family are Savoca, Farfaglia, Mamazza, DiSano, Ponticelli, Campioni, Sca(r)vera, Lo Monico(a). So let me go into the people who make up my family tree.


Generation 1:

 Vincenzo Savoca and Giuseppa Ponticelli.

Salvatore Mamazza and Francesca Campioni.

Gaetano Farfaglia and Maria Sca(r)vera

Carlo DiSano and Giuseppa Lo Monic(o)a

I don't have dates for these people's births, marriages or deaths. They all were born and died in Castiglione di Sicilia.

Generation 2

Vincenzo and Giuseppa had:

Giovanni Savoca born September 20, 1869 in Castglione di Sicilia and died on April 14, 1956 Jackson Heights, New York. He married Maria Mamazza in about 1897.

Salvatore and Francesca had 3 known children:

Maria Mamazza born 1878, Castiglione di Sicilia, and died April 17, 1949; Jackson Heights, New York. Married Giovanni Savoca.

Domenico Mamazza, nothing further known, other then place of residence as Castiglione.

Gaetano Mamazza married Maria Concetta Cavelero. Lived in Castiglione Di Sicilia and had 1 known son.

Gaetano and Maria had 2 known children:

Carmelo Farfaglia born June 22, 1870, Castiglione di Sicilia. Died November 9, 1950, Stamford, Connecticut. Married Antonina DiSano.

Angelina Farfaglia nothing further known.

Carlo DiSano and Giuseppa LoMonico(a) had 3 known children:

Antonina DiSano born May 29, 1879 and died about 1910 both in Castiglione di Sicilia. She married Carmelo Farfaglia in 1895-ish.

Salvatore (Sam) DiSano born May 18, 1900 in Castiglione di Sicilia and died Feb 1980 in Luzurne Pennsylvaina. Married Florence aka Frances.

The 3rd is a sister, born and died in Castiglione di Sicilia.

Generation 3

Giovanni and Maria had 6 children:

Vincenzo Savoca born May 1, 1898 (Castiglione di Sicilia) and died May 1, 1986 in Jackson Heights, New York. Married Maria Farfaglia in 1917.

Giuseppina Savoca born March 12, 1901 ( Castiglione di Sicilia ) and died August 7, 1995 in Flushing, New York. Married Arturo Scammacca.

Salvatore Savoca born 1904 ( Castiglione di Sicilia ) died August 30, 1928 in Jackson Heights, New York.

Grazia Savoca born December 12, 1908 ( Castiglione di Sicilia ) died August 28, 1998, Franklin Square, NY. Married Joseph Bonderiga (sp). Second marriage to John Costa.

Francesca Savoca born March 4, 1913( Castiglione di Sicilia ) and died February 3, 1994 in Astoria. Married Rosario Martorana.

Carmelo Savoca born February 23, 1918 in Jackson Heights NY and died May 28, 1999, Mastic Beach, New York. Married to Margaret (b. June 12, 1919-d.September 4, 1991).

Carmelo and Antonina had 6 children:

Giuseppa Farfaglia born April 6, 1898 died September 4, 1988 Stamford, CT. Married to Salvatore Bonina.

Nella (Nellie)Farfaglia born April 5, 1901 died May 29, 1979 in Califorina. Married to ????.

Jennie Farfaglia born June 21, 1902 died October 1969 in Stamford, CT. Married to Joseph Riolo.

Maria Farfaglia born March 3, 1903 died February 1, 1979 in Jackson Heights, NY. Married to Vincenzo Savoca.

Lucia Farfaglia born June 8, 1906 died July 8, 1991 in Long Island, NY. Married to Harry Mobilia.

Gaetano Farfaglia born November 4, 1908 died April 1982 in St. Petersburg, Florida. Married to Nellie.

*All of these children were born in Castiglione Di Sicilia*

Generation 4 *From this point on I will only post my DIRECT LINE. If you would like additional information on a line, it can be posted*

Vincenzo and Maria had 3 Children:

John (Giovanni) Savoca born August 18, 1922 died May 25, 1978. Married to Margaret.

Marie Concetta Savoca born July 18, 1928 died August 17, 2002. Married to Ralph Milillo.

Salvatore Savoca born July 27, 1934 died April 14, 2001. Married to Catherine Steinhauser.

*Just for my parents sake I will stop my tree here, as from this point on people might be uncomfortable with the passing out of their information*

There is much work to be done on my tree, so if you know any of the names here, please let me know, I would love to hear from anyone and everyone! Pictures will be added of the family, as well new information. Soon I will do some branch off sites to explore the other limbs of my family. Feel free to contact me at: or . Enjoy!

Carmelo Farfaglia


     Angelina Farfaglia


Orphanage of Maria Farfaglia