A Week of Circus

The University of Montpellier 3 Paul Valéry, in collaboration with the Langedoc-Roussillon region, will be organising a week dedicated to the circus, from 17 – 27 November 2011, with conferences, performances (programme provided by La Verrerie d’Alès, Languedoc-Roussillon’s National Circus Hub) and films (in collaboration with the Diagonal and Utopia cinemas in Montpellier). Initiated and organised by the research centre RIRRA 21 and the performing arts department of the University of Montpellier 3, this event will be open to the public and will include the participation of researchers, specialists, artists and students from France, Europe, North America and Latin America, addressing such topics as: “Circus and literature,” “Circus and performing arts,” “Circus and performing arts medicine,” “Circus and sciences of education,” “Publishing and the circus,” “Circus and the museum”READ ON

An International Symposium on Scenography

From October 21 to 22 will be held at the l'École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs (Paris) an international symposium on scenography. The meeting will provide an opportunity to consider the set designer business and the teaching of the profession. READ ON


The Art of Costume at the Comédie-Française

From June 11 to December 31, 2011 at the Centre national du costume de scène

“On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, the Centre national du costume de scène et de la scénographie pays homage to one of its founding institutions, the French-Comédie (Comédie-Française). With the exhibition of the most beautiful costumes from this symbolic theatre, the CNCS retraces the history of theatre costumes and costume workshops, as well as the history of the Comédie-Française itself through the great figures who have marked it: authors, actors, directors and costume designers. Since its founding by Louis XIV, the Sun King, more than three centuries ago, the Comédie-Française has filled the mission it was assigned: to follow the road of excellence in all areas of theatre, including that of costumes…” READ ON


The Comédie-Française Exhibits its Collections at the Petit Palais

From October 13th 2011 to January 15th 2012 at the Petit Palais

“It is no accident that the Comédie-Française exhibits its collections at the Petit Palais: everybody knows the stage, but there is an extraordinary artistic heritage, that almost nobody has heard of before. It tells the story of a family, Molière's company, from the 17th century until today: portraits and busts, which show comedians' working, or which remain famous authors, sessions of the Reading Comittee, stage working, prestigious props...” READ ON

New and Future Exhibitions at the Österreichisches Theatermuseum

Exhibitions at the Österreichisches Theatermuseum  (Austrian Theatre Museum)

Palais Lobkowitz
Lobkowitzplatz 2, Vienna
Tuesday 10 am — 6 pm

Heinrich Von Kleist, 1777-1811
From October 20 2011 to April 09 2012

Der Zauber Des Bunten Schattens (The Charm of the Multicoloured Shades)
Das chinesische Schattentheater (The Chinese Shadow Play)
From November 17.2011 to March 05 2012

Welt Der Operette (The World of the Operetta)
Glamour, Stars und Showbusiness
From February 02.2012 to September 24 2012


A Sovereign Spectacle: Court Theaters of the Eighteenth Century

Constellation Productions (Publisher)

“A Sovereign Spectacle: Court Theaters of the Eighteenth Century explores, in essays and images, four stunningly conserved eighteenth-century opera houses in France, Germany, and Sweden.  In this book, ConstellationCenter presents its extensive research across Europe of the surviving theaters from that period as part of its endeavor to build the first fully functioning, baroque-style opera house in North America.” READ ON

Glenn KnicKhrem, President, introduces the ConstellationCenter project

Undisclosed: Images of the Contemporary Circus Artist

Bertil Nilsson (Photographer)

“The black and white images of the performers, all naked, working on their skills in training spaces, are accompanied by an essay by writer and curator Laura Noble and a foreword by acclaimed circus creator Daniele Finzi Pasca. The project represents a unique snapshot of the circus community, exploring a multitude of acrobatic and aerial disciplines through a common visual thread.” READ ON


Documenting: Costume Design

Nancy E. Friedland (Editor) (Author)

Published by the Theatre Library Association

"The purpose of this volume is to highlight and discuss the collections that document, inspire, and inform the work of costume designers. Entitled Documenting: Costume Design, this volume is the second in a planned series published by Theatre Library Association which focuses on performance design documentation... This volume is intended for librarians, archivists, researchers, and designers to better understand the historical context of costume design for dance, theatre, and film. It also provides an introduction to extraordinary collections and the range of materials available for research. The topic is extensive in scope and therefore the volume is limited to Western performance traditions and collections maintained in the United States. Image collections and costume collections are inextricably linked to costume design research and several selected collections have been included."

Circus Costumes (Costumes de cirque)

(Original text in French)

Serge Airoldi (Author)

“This book traces the history of circus costumes and reveals a changing artistic universe. It depicts their difference and their peculiarity: baggy pants, tulle and tutus dresses, leotard of the trapeze artist, etc.”

René Hainaux: Plays, Teaches, Searches (René Hainaux : jouer, enseigner, chercher)

(Original text in French)

Laurent Ancion (author)

To tell the story of René Hainaux is to tell the story of the last century and how the French Belgian theatre became mature. This great actor born in 1918, passed through decades with equal success. However people are unaware that his success Is closely related to his curiosity, his hunger for learning and his interest to examine how dramatic art is taught. Teacher, actor, and researcher, René Hainaux is the éminence grise of theater in Belgium. READ ON

The World of Theatre 2011 Edition (Le Monde du théâtre Édition 2011)

Review of the theatre season 2007-2008/2008-2009 around the world

(Original text in French)

Nicole Leclercq (Editor)

This volume will interest theatre lover on more than one account. Through 51 articles it gives an overview of the theatre season 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 around the world... READ ON

Puck No. 18: Puppetry in Africa (Puck N°18 : Les Marionnettes en Afrique)

(Original text in French)

Institut international de la marionnette (Author)

The last issue of PUCK magazine (No.18) has just been published. It is dedicated to the tradition of puppetry in Africa. The many experts who took part in this number show how the languages and the traditional functions of the puppet succeeded in resisting and adapting to the many socio-economic upheavals of this vast continent... READ ON

Improvised Memory of a Puppeteer: Alain Recoing (Les Mémoires improvisés d’un montreur de marionnettes : Alain Recoing)

(Original text in French)

Gaston Baty (Author)

The 20th century was marked by the renewal of puppetry. The reinsertion of puppetry within theatrical creation is presented through its use by vanguards’ researchers, in the period during the wars, the post war book clubs phenomenon and the development of theatrical creation for young audience. Alain Recoing who became puppeteer by coincidence, hold 64 years of theatrical creation experience and militancy, is undoubtedly the extensive living memory of this renewal in France.... READ ON


Brussels Association of Dance (Contredanse): Special Workshop

In November the Association bruxelloise de danse : Contredanse (Brussels Association of Dance - Contredanse) will present a workshop intended for dancers, choreographers and performers.

See the latest number of L'actualité de la danse published by Contredanse.

International Institute of Puppetry (France): creation of new awards

For its 30 years of existence (September 19th, 1981), the Institut international de la marionnette (International Institute of Puppetry) has created three awards. These awards were presented on September 19th, 2011 to three recipients. The Transmission Award dedicated to a person who actively worked with young  puppeteers was presented to Alain Recoing, a pioneer and great French marionette Master. The Creation/Experimentation Award  rewarding a young artist or a new company which renewed the languages, the practices and the esthetic of puppetry, was presented to Gisele Vienne. The Research Award rewarding a creative author for its written work was presented to John Bell for his book American Puppet Modernism.... READ ON



goes international: "tanznetz.de - the German website for dance" is glad to introduce this new English version for our ever-growing international audience. READ ON

A New Web Site on Puppetry

As presented by Raphaele Fleury at the SIBMAS congress in Munich (2010) the "Portail des Arts de la Marionnette" is now on. READ ON