LaTeX Tutorial

This website is a collection of information on using LaTeX which we hope will be useful for UMBC students. LaTeX is a professional typesetting system and is the best choice for typesetting beautiful mathematics.

If you are new to LaTeX, there are many online resources. We have assembled quick getting started guides listed in our Tutorials page. We provide templates for journal papersslideshows (like PowerPoint, but LaTeX), Tech Reports, and Theses/Dissertations.
Finally, we created a LaTeX forum so that you can ask us a question or share a helpful LaTeX tip.

Additional Resources

The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX 2e has been around for quite a few years. It is a fairly comprehensive introduction. For a quick reference, there's a great little two page cheatsheet here, a comprehensive symbol list here, and the middle ground which is wikibooks' latex mathematics and advanced mathematics pages. 

Created by the SIAM Student Chapter at The University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Jonathan McHenry (President)
Zois Boukouvalas (Vice President)
Peter Linton (Treasurer)
Joshua Austin (Secretary)
Andrei Draganescu (Faculty Mentor)