Supplemental Instruction Information


Welcome the Accounting 1010 SI Information Page for the Spring 2013 Semester.

I would like to invite you to join your fellow classmate in attending SI sessions.  SI (Supplemental Instruction) is a great way to boost your grades and connect with your classmatesIn SI sessions we sill work together in groups to practice what you are learning in class, refine study techniques, and
collaborate on ways to be successful in ACCT 1010. 

SI Sessions will be held on...

    Tuesday at     7:30 pm in BU 210

    Thursday at   6:30 pm in
BU 110

Office Hours will be held on...

    Wednesday at     2:30 pm in BU 124

    Wednesday at
   6:00 pm in 
BU 110                

What to Bring:

    Your textbook, notes, and questions

Who are the leaders:

    Rebekah Woody     

    Jeff Wilson  

Please feel free to contact us with questions about SI and your ACCT 1010 class.

Thank you,

Rebekah and Jeff