Communication Covenant

G5 Team Members
Janani B.S
Kumar Mayank
Manasvi Shukla
Sui Yan
Zhenan Hong
Communication Plan

Team G5 has drafted this “Communication Covenant” to serve as a guide for establishing team expectations, agreeing upon guidelines for communications and team meetings, determining how information will be shared among group members, and allocating group work.

G5 has decided to use Google Groups as a repository for all materials related to the group project for SI 682.  The group site, G5  will include group notes, documents, assignments, and group member contact information.

We also have agreed to check our blog/discussion and group site at least once in a day.

Team Roles

Janani B.S                    
Project Coordinator                                                                                  

Janani will keep draft agendas for team meetings and generally ensure that the group stays on schedule and makes timely progress in completing assignments and meeting project deadlines. Janani will ensure that the team’s calendar is regularly updated, as appropriate, with meeting dates, scheduled interviews, and project deadlines. Janani also agrees to serve as Editor and incorporate all group members’ work into a single written document (as per the assignment).

Manaswi Shukla
Manaswi will serve as the group’s liaison to Professor Michael McQuaid and Ellen Reitmayr -

Kumar Mayank
Project Designer                                                                           
Mayank (Interface designer) will help the group for creating visuals (such as flow charts, PowerPoint presentations, animation and other techniques), other group members will assist in that process.

Sui Yan                         
Research Analyst                                                                             

Sui graciously agreed to serve as a Research Analyst and he will do all the survey, collect data, information about maemo and other organizer(s). He will also ensure that all components of a given assignment are addressed and completed.

Zhenan Hong                  
Project Manager                                                                                     

Zhenan will facilitate in assigning group work and ensuring that all group members are participating equally.  He will also be helping and assisting Manasvi with client meetings/ interviews with maemo users.

PS: All the members in the team will work on the creating the prototype as a group. If there is some work that can be divided, it will be divided among pairs. All will be involved in research and documenting (We will follow "Round Robin Method")


Communication Agreements

  • Calendar and Documents:  The group agrees to use the calendar and documents features in Google Groups as well as our web-site to post documents and calendar items.
  • Meeting Schedule:  The group has a standing meeting on Friday evenings from 4:30 to 7:30 (In west hall) 7:30 - 11:00 (In some pub/restaurant) and agrees to have a second weekly meeting on Wednesdays evenings after SI 682 as needed. As few in the team were so keen to meet even during weekends; others also agreed to give-up their weekends. 
    • Meeting Expectations:  All members are expected to attend group meetings.  If a group member cannot attend s/he is expected to contact another group member and relay any relevant materials needed for that meeting.
  • Communication:  The group will use email as the primary means of communication and each member is expected to check email at least once a day and to reply to emails within 24 hours.  If a more urgent response is needed, group members may call each other.  The group agrees not to call each other after 9:30 pm.  The Google Groups page may also be used to communicate with all group members. Phone calls must be answered between 9:00 PM - 11:30 PM.
  • Completions of Tasks and Assignments:
    • Missed Assignments:  If a team member realizes that s/he will not be able to complete an assigned task that person will notify other group members 48 hours prior to the assignment deadline, and provide alternate suggestions for the completion of the task.  Emergency situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
    • Penalties for Missed Assignments:  The first time a team member fails to complete an assigned task there will be no official penalty.  If a person fails to complete a task a second (or subsequent) time, that person will be required to send the GSI an email, copied to the other group members, taking responsibility for the missed deadline, and explaining why it occurred.  If a group member repeatedly misses deadlines than the group will consider more severe penalties, such as public humiliation or flogging.
  • Communication is the most important key in our 682 project; So as a team we will blog/discuss/update everything on the website/google docs respectively.


Note-Making Process

  • Team members will take notes during interviews and client meetings.
  • Team members agree to type up detailed versions of meeting notes within 24 hours of interview.
  • Team members will post a digital version of meeting notes, using Google Docs, on the group website within 48 hours of interview.

Team Contact Information
Google Groups: G5-682
Our Project Website

Team Members Name
Email ID # 1
Email ID # 2
Contact Number (s)
Zhenan Hong
(734) 277-1994
Sui Yan
(734) 277-1682
Manaswi Shukla
(734) 757-0900
Kumar Mayank (925) 819-1344
Janani Sundar (734) 272-6703