Shyiskhar is Awsm!

The masses scream in joy at the sight of his site.

Nice to know Y'all!


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Shyiskhar. A mystery. Living large and fully in charge in the year 2009. But where did this crazed Mercenary come from? Here we explore his history, His inspiration. His love for Bea Arthur.


  He arrived on this planet in the year 1980. A small baby at the time he claims his recollections of that time to be hazy and mostly about drinking. Interestingly he makes the same claim about most of his life after he turned 18. This doesn't seem to prevent him being eternally amazing.  He grew up in a small village in England. It went by the uncomplicated name of Ufford just outside of Woodbridge in Suffolk. It was a very small village, with a large wooded area nearby. In these woods is where Shy found his rugged outdoorsmanship. Also his understanding that Outdoors was stupid. Trees are pretty sometimes, But they're full of bugs an' stuff. Screw that.

It was the year of 90 something or other that he first found the joy of computers. His parents bought him a computer for school. Of course, He was in his last year of schooling, So he used it like any man. For looking up stories about vampires.

 Anyway. None of the above matters. In truth, We just want to know how Awesome Shyiskhar is. This article proves it. Shyiskhar is Awesome. Thanks.